September 4, 2020 - weekly forum update

Here are the updates from the week:

  • ECC releases the source code for Halo 2. Check out Sean’s explanation of Halo 2 and learn more about TGPPL, the license we used to open source it.

  • Release 4.0.0 in support of Canopy, which will activate on mainnet at a block height of 1046400 (mid-November).

  • MGRC voting starts Monday. Zcash Foundation is hosting a call this evening to speak with the candidates. Register here.

  • Zcash Foundation published an analysis summarizing their assessment of Zcash Network Privacy.

Mark your calendars,

  • Today, 9/4, ZF MGRC discussion. Register here.
  • Mon, 9/7, MGRC voting begins
  • Sun, 9/13, Zbay in the Park!
  • Fri, 9/18, MGRC voting ends
  • Thurs, 9/24, ECC live stream, set a reminder
  • Fri, 9/25, U.S. patents on scalar multiplication using elliptic curve endomorphisms expire

Community Shout Outs - Shout out to Ryan for helping his local Boys & Girls Club accept crypto (and ZEC).

This week in privacy, Santa Cruz bans predictive policing (EFF). Facebook said they would eliminate discriminatory ad targeting categories like race and ethnicity, but have they? The Markup investigates.

This week in crypto, MetaMask changes its license, read more in Build on Blockchain, Issue 107 and Bloomberg. EFF calls on Coinbase to release transparency reports. Zcash got a shout out in AEI. Ciphertrace develops a Monero tracing tool for US DHS investigations, read more in Cointelegraph and Decrypt. This month’s installment of zkMesh is out with tons of great zk-related links.


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