August 28, 2020 - weekly forum update

Wow! What a week my friends. Here are the updates:

  • Less than 13 weeks to Canopy! You can expect news and announcements, events, and SWAG giveaways, with something new coming every week.

  • MGRC elections are right around the corner. Voting begins September 4th. If you are on the ZCAP, you have to email Antonie before Sept 1st if you want to vote in the MGRC selection and if you want to invite someone to join the ZCAP.

  • ICYMI, here are the MGRC candidate Q&A livestreams from this week.

  • Zero Knowledge FM now accepts shielded donations.

Mark your calendars,

Community Shout Outs - Shout outs to zancas, enforser, bitbandi for submitting community PRs this week. Shout out to Hartwig Mayer, Martin Scheerer and Ange Potier for this amazing intro to SNARKs.



  • New Documentation videos: Installing Zcashd (uploaded), Testnet in a box video (under review), Light client video (in progress).
  • Refactoring zcashd user guide information
  • Refactoring light client information
  • Lightwalletd setup instructions (new!)


  • Updated chaintip metrics
  • Fixed issues on CI, Faucet, and Explorer
  • Produced first set of matching Docker Gitian sigs


  • Release 4.0.0 Release Candidate produced and testing underway, this release sets Canopy mainnet activation height
  • Biggest part of librustzcash refactoring is done! It’s been two years since the refactoring was first sketched out. This achievement is basically a year of work!!
  • Reduced the number of open PRs in the three main repositories (zcash, librustzcash, zips) by 29.4%!


  • Canopy Implementation Audit complete (no major issues found)
  • Building had 65 fuzzers, running at ½ million exec/s a second on an 80 node cluster
  • We pivoted to zcashd builds with sanitizers enabled


  • Updated Tx details screen in ECC wallets
  • Baselined Hardware minimums for the ECC wallets against physical devices
  • Design guide for ECC app
  • Cleaned up send implementation
  • Lightwalletd mempool access initial implementation in review
  • Progressing well on data access API
  • Research on autoshielding and background sync

This week in privacy, California DMV is selling people’s data. Spyware CEO urges for more transparency in the intelligence industry. h/t to Josh S for the link.

This week in crypto, $18M in US government seized corruption funds of the Maduro government will be redistributed back to 62,000 healthcare workers in Venezuela through AirTM. Consensys acquires JPM Quorum.