April 26, 2022 - ECC Forum Update

Hey everyone! Welcome to April’s forum update. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment here, or tag me in the Zcash Community Discord @januszgrze#6095.

ECC updates

  • We welcomed Matilda Johnson as a Project Manager on the growth team!
  • ECC co-hosted a PGP (“Pretty Good Policy”) for Crypto Breakfast in DC with industry partners. This will be a monthly event, bringing together professionals to build a stronger crypto policy community.
  • Our next Twitter Spaces will be Tuesday May 3rd at 3:30pm EDT. The format will be the same as last.
  • Zero knowledge proving system, Halo, will be available under MIT / Apache 2.0 licenses. There also is a joint grants committee between ECC & Filecoin Foundation. Blog post here.
  • ECC released 4.6.0-2 and 4.7.0, making a huge step towards NU5.


  • Supported two releases (4.6.0-2 and 4.7.0) which included testing, debugging, publishing and the related infrastructure
  • Maintaining and supporting testnet health and stability throughout the releases
  • Continuing conversion between Zenhub and Freshdesk, including development of process to identify when to use each solution
  • Started hiring process for Developer Relations Lead


  • Released zcashd v4.7.0!
    • This is a huge step towards NU5 activation. It brings full support to the Orchard shielded pool.
    • Also brings Unified addresses to testnet.
  • Steady progress growing the Halo 2 developer community.
  • Productive discussions on API and protocol
  • Performance improvements are being sent upstream to us!
  • Improved performance of Sapling proofs (via bls12_381 crate)


  • Android:
    • Wallet:
      • Added Contact Support scaffold screen
      • Major test coverage improvements for Android configuration changes (e.g. screen rotation)
      • Support for smaller screen sizes
      • Improvements to existing scaffold screens (onboarding)
      • App builds attached to CI output
    • SDK:
      • Modernize build for kotlin-bip39
  • iOS:
    • Wallet:
      • User Preferences Storage component
      • Keychain secure storage component
      • Integrate real Seed from MnemonicSwift
      • Update Badge Icons
      • Send Flow / Request ZEC UI components (in progress)
    • SDK:
      • Darksidewalletd tests for Shielding Funds (in review)
      • Rust FFI uses Librustzcash latest master commit! (in review)

In Zcash news, Zcashmedia released their first documentary “Future Money: What is Zcash?” to the community (57k views!!!), with a second coming out this week. The Zcash Foundation announced that Zcon3 will be happening in Vegas, August 7-9, and Zcash Community Grants announced its first two Request For Proposals. Exciting times here :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading. If there’s any questions, let me know!



[+] lightwalletd Release v0.4.10 · zcash/lightwalletd · GitHub that was tagged yesterday. :slightly_smiling_face: