September 4th ZFND MGRC candidates call QUESTIONS

The Zcash Foundation will be holding a livestream community call September 4th at 5pm EST (2pm PST) to ask questions the Major Grants Review Committee applicants. The call will be moderated by Zcash Foundation board member Andrew Miller @amiller.

Please post any questions that you have for the MGRC candidates in this thread so Andrew can ask them during the call.

Sign up link for the call: LINK


Question : Describe the type of people you work best with, if you were on MGRC what qualities should the other candidates have?


Here’s an idea for a question to start off.
Question: Our focus of discussion recently has been on the MGRC itself… shortly after this I imagine we’ll start to shift or focus to the potential grant recipients. Looking ahead to potential grant recipients, do y’all have any ideas what would make for a great grant recipient? A small development outfit? Large established team? Hire a cryptocurrency dev team away from their existing token? Any specific dream teams you’d like to hire?


Question: What attracts you to Zcash?

Question: In 6 months time, what would success look like for MGRC members? What would failure look like?


Have you used Zcash to buy anything? And from your perspective, what infrastructure could have made the user experience *easier?


Q: Tell me a science fiction story involving Zcash in 90 seconds


Go on then, im listening :slight_smile:

I reserve the right to steal the story should this question be asked. Im terrible at thinking of stuff like this on the spot - aside from making me sweat, what is the purpose of this question? heh.

Just feeling in the mood for something imaginative and inspiring lol

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can someone let me in the call please, im stuck on “you’ll join the call when someone lets you in.” anyone else having problems?

I cant get in the one ending in -too either…

im in!!!

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LOL, that was pretty funny, now for round two.

The first link expired, the second one tweeted got the Brazilian community on the call :rofl:


Anyone get a third invite? Didn’t get let into the second and it got dropped by my calendar…

dm’ed you on twitter

  • what is the smallest grant you can fund to make the biggest impact?
  • for those holding less than 70% zcash, what incentivizes you to review grants on behalf of the zcash community?
  • for those candidates whos applications were their first post to zcash forum, what brings you here? who invited you?
  • by what quantitative measure would you define MGRC a success? a failure?
  • how do you explain the sudden drop off in shielded transactions?
  • Recently Hudson suggested layer 2 privacy as an alternative to Zcash to shield sexcare workers. ML is crypto-agnostic. Ethereum or Zcash or better and why?
  • has your company ever received money from ECC, ZF or any of its investors?
  • for those affiliated with VC funds, why use MGRC funds?
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I was trying to make it work but was unable to join this due to a personal contingency compounded by time difference. That said, I will be making a sweep of open questions in the forums and attempt to frame my responses and share them here within the next 48 to 72 hours.