MGRC Candidate Q&A Live Streams - Dates and Information

Hello Candidates & Community,

In order to provide as much information as possible before voting begins, we are organizing Candidate Q&A sessions ahead of the September 4th Zcash Foundation video call. It is important for the Zcash community to have the resources they need to get to know the candidates. You can read about the inception of this idea at this thread.

There will be 3 live stream sessions and each candidate may attend 1 session. Each session will last about an hour with 3 to 4 candidates (no more than 5). All sessions will follow the same format. Sessions will be moderated by a single moderator. The sessions will be live streamed/recorded to YouTube.

@MGRC-Candidates are not required to attend a Q&A session. However, we are encouraging all candidates to submit written answers to the “Above the Fold” section of the MGRC Open Questions document (linked below).

August’s Zeal call will be canceled so as to allow more time for these important discussions.

Instructions for candidates

  • MGRC Open Questions: Please make a copy of this document and add your answers to the questions from the community. Candidates do not need to address every single question. Once candidates complete their answers, they can simply share the link to their document or copy paste their answers in the forum. You are not required to answer any of the questions for the community, but it would be very helpful.
  • If your name isn’t in the list below, please respond to the message titled “Confirming Participation - MGRC Q&A Live Stream” sent by @Souptacular over DM to confirm a time slot.

Q&A Live Stream Schedule

Time Slot 1: Tues 8/25, 8:00 UTC
Moderator: Fredrik Harrysson
Candidates Attending: Vish, ml_sudo, mistfpga
YouTube Live Stream Link: MGRC Candidate Q&A Live Streams: Time Slot #1 - YouTube

Time Slot 2: Tues 8/25, 21:00 UTC
Moderator: Elena Giralt (@elenita)
Candidates Attending: cburniske, jmsjsph, Souptacular
YouTube Live Stream Link: MGRC Candidate Q&A Live Streams: Time Slot #2 - YouTube

Time Slot 3: Wed 8/26, 17:00 UTC
Moderator: Amber Baldet (@amber)
Candidates Attending: LizBoomLiz, holmesworcester, alchemydc, dontpanicburns
YouTube Live Stream Link: MGRC Candidate Q&A Live Streams: Time Slot #3 - YouTube

All updates to the schedule will be posted on this thread as they happen.

Thanks to our volunteer moderators for taking the time to participate. Special thanks to @elinita and @antonie for being incredibly helpful in helping organize this process and to @alchemydc for creating the MGRC Open Questions document.


Thank you @Souptacular for organizing this.

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@Souptacular I am going to withdraw from the Livestream, I’m simply not good under a live camera and will likely flub my position on the detailed Q&A questions.

I will post a detailed response to all of the Q&A questions in lieu of live participation.


Completely understand and look forward to reading your written Q&A responses!



Sorry to be that guy again. It annoys me too. but a few of the questions are really not up for discussion. I feel we would be better using our time to discuss other things. I have put a list at the end and what the answers are.

is it too late to add a question? - as a CAP member.

In the discussions before, the community were keen on getting the MGRC to a point where in 4 years they will not have to receive block rewards.

With the pressure to award grants that could produce an ROI, what are the candidates going to do to make sure the funds are fairly disbursed between potential profit making grants and non profit making grants.

Maybe this can be a back up question if the ECC respond negatively to the volatility reserve.

All these questions have already been answered by the community. Do we really need to discuss them again? the answers are not going to change, and I dislike sending it back to a vote because democracy is not the best of 3 votes.

the cant, caps and they are not allowed any access to any funding. the only way they can recieve any funds at all is via asking the ZFND. There is nothing for them to move into a bank account.

The MGRC, by design, do not have a savings account are not allowed anywhere near the block rewards. The ZFND handles everything in this regard.

  • It has to be in zec. “The recipients may convert that to cash” is the response I got on the live stream. The ECC said it would block the zip if we tried to pay out in fiat.
  • Again the 1 year term is by design, to stop bad actors. The community does not get to vet these people properly, so they are constrained by the zip. Please note **This is why pseudo anonymous applicants are allowed. ** the benefit of constraining the MGRC like this is allows for greater inclusion of potential candidates, hopefully leading to a more diverse MGRC.
  • yes, they are to get “fair compensation for time and expenses” - they are to negotiate this with the ZFND after they are formed.
  • The MGRC cannot change 1014. If a MGRC member wanted to change the zip they will need to to a zip request. However, this is very unlikely to get merged because the community has already decided on 1014. maybe in 12 months it might be up for discussion.

Agree with @mistfpga that most of these questions are answered in the zip or by consulting the ZFNDs framework (requiring adherence was voted down so that should give everyone a hint about the standard against which they will be held so consulting it should be, at least, step one)
Whether the question of compensation is relevant to the candidate is their own perogative and I won’t hold that against them but I wouldn’t worry about that too much (sounds like the easy problem)
The teamwork questions are good and I think thats the direction to push with these streams👍


I guess. it just seems kinda redundant. its not really anything to do with the community, its between the mgrc and the zfnd.


I agree that the ZFND should help guide this where they can if the MGRC requests like they will with grant reviewing but that actually isn’t specified because I think that probably falls outside of the scope of their authority, at best they would essentially be self-contractors and the funds they recieve (from wherever it happens to be it, substantative quanities wont be from the ZFND) would be subject to taxation as income (1099), theres no way around that and theres no reason for the ZFNDs involvement here beyond guidance if sought

I know it is late, and maybe these cannot be included in the call, if it cant I will post it in the main thread.

to all candidates:

From the dev fund process and discussions, what do you see at the key sticking points between:

  • the community and the ECC
  • the community and the ZFND

What do you see as the causes of these issues, how would you avoid them in the future?

From the dev fund process and discussions, what do you see as key successes between:

  • the community and the ECC.
  • the community and the ZFND

What would you take from this process and build upon to help the MGRC?

What are the main ways to solicit input from the community? Can you give an example of how you have used these mechanisms to affect change in a previous role?

Can you give an example of the sort of due diligence you did to answer these questions so you had confidence in you responses?

Many thanks,


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How do I link to the livestream tomorrow? Will that be shared closer to the time?

I just sent a message to all candidates with Zoom videoconference join links.