September summary of Foundation activities

Hello everyone, and happy October! Here’s a snappy update on the Foundation’s September doings.

We took over the Zcash forum and the chat: Forum handover + URL change

We sponsored the Zero Knowledge Summit in Berlin. Check out the videos from the event:

The Foundation also sponsored Crypto Springs in Palm Springs (in fact, Josh is attending right now).

We launched a full guide to running Zcash meetups:

Unveiled our new visual branding:

Announced an upcoming meetup during SF Blockchain Week:

The Foundation also continued to work on technical hiring. A couple of favored candidates fell through, unfortunately, but we’re pursuing multiple proposals for reference wallet implementations (both on mobile and desktop). We still want to hire a protocol developer, so please send this link to anyone who might be interested:

We started fleshing out the new website, which will be more organized and accessible — see the WIP here:

We started brainstorming a revamped, nimbler Grants Program. Details are still being figured out.

And lastly, Antonie is still doing early planning for Zcon1. We hope to announce a location soon!


Congrats on all the great work! Really digging the rebrand. :grin:

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Back atcha, I saw your work announcement in the chat!