Forum handover + URL change

Hello everyone! The most important takeaway from this post is that on Monday the forum will move from to I’m putting this information up here at the top in case any of you don’t care about the behind-the-scenes details.

But for those of you who do like details, here they are! :stuck_out_tongue:

First: The Zcash Foundation has established a contract relationship with @Shawn, who you may also know as mineZcash, in order to support his community-building efforts. As part of the agreement, the Foundation has assumed legal ownership of the Zcash Community Chat.

Shawn will continue administrating and moderating the chat; he also plans to start moderating this forum again. Day-to-day we don’t expect much to change, but we wanted to let you know.

Second: At the same time, the Zcash Company has decided to give the forum to the Zcash Foundation. Your experience as users will mostly be the same; no policy changes or anything else like that have been planned.

@paige, @daira, and @zirui are staying on as moderators. Paige de-modded the Zcash Company staff who haven’t been actively moderating during the past few months. Existing moderators who don’t work for the company will also stick around.

On Monday, the forum will move from its current URL to The company is going to set up a redirect so that existing links still work, and Discourse (the company that hosts the forum) has been looped in. We’re hoping for minimal downtime! Please email me if you see anything particularly weird on Monday —

Afterward, the Foundation plans to assess how the URL switch has impacted search engine results. We will hire an SEO pro if needed.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave 'em here! You’re also welcome to email me. Thank you for being part of this awesome, intellectually stimulating community :heart:


ZcashCo is excited about this transition! We’ll be coordinating with @Shawn and the Discourse folks on making a smooth domain transition Monday. If something goes haywire for whatever reason, both the Foundation and the Company will keep y’all in the loop via Twitter (@ZcashFoundation & @ZcashCo).


The move should be fast and not result too much (if any) downtime, all existing accounts and of course the forums history will remain intact. Specific timing is targeting 1pm EST but you may notice some minor changes before or after that time as we prepare.

I’m excited to be working with the Foundation and I am looking forward to the exciting community growth that Sapling will enable! We need to be prepared to Welcome the influx new community members who may just be getting thier first taste of the Zcash community through thier interaction with this forum and the community chat.

I think that @root has some excellent points on thier post here: Start with Kindness, End with Respect

In addition to the official Code of Conduct: which won’t be changing.

We have a great framework and great team who will work together to make diversity of opinions, inclusion, and access to personal privacy tools something that everyone can feel comfortable and confident using.

Congrats to the Zcash Foundation and Zcash Company, onward and upward! :zcash: :heart: :rocket:


This is something that I think should be handled upfront with a 301 redirect from the old domain. Some things are easier to prevent than to correct


What’s the store url and will that change ?

@123 The URLs are (shop) (this forum Monday) (chat)


Yeah, the redirect will be in place, but there were concerns about whether that’d be enough to make Google happy.


301 ftw

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Bumping this thread, we are on as scheduled for today. is now live, you may need to refresh your browser and re-sign in


new domain redirects to while loggin in and I get this error.
On mobile, android, login through github

I see it, The foundation needs to generate a new 0auth key for github integration, we are working on it


Login from github is now working :smiley:


:sweat_smile: Nice, just had the one little snag, overall very smooth

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happy to be the first to experience it and seeing it got fixed in god-like speed!

+++ mate!

I had trouble logging in but was able to reset my password no problem. So if anyone else isn’t able to access their account and isn’t sure why, try that!