Setting up a rig in china: Hardware ok? (1080Ti, H81 Mobo, 1600W power, Ubuntu)

So I have the chance to set up a mining rig in China.
No electricity cost’s at all.

My setup idea:

3x GTX1080Ti
Asrock H81 BTC Mainboard with a cheap celeron
1600W EVGA power supply as I intent to add 3x 1080Ti’s later.

Ubuntu 16.04.2 with AMDGPU-Pro 17.10 drivers

My aim is to mine Zcash. Whats your idea about the system?

BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP too close or only for GPUs. But you can even try to lower the TDP :slight_smile:

WUUT you cant use AMD drivers on Nvidia cards sorry :sunny:

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Gosh what a stupid mistake :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Sry was stuck with my AMD test-pc.

What for a PSU would you recommed to handle the load of 6x 1080ti?

The rest of the hardware would just be a H81 socket 1150 mainboard with a Celeron G1840 cpu and a 128GB SSD.

2x 1300g2 is what im using

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Great! What for hashrates do you get with your 1080Ti? Have you overclocked them?
And whats the miner you are using?

I got 1300W for 4 x 1080 TI , at 90% Power Limit

Temp: GPU0: 64C GPU1: 62C GPU2: 60C GPU3: 63C
GPU0: 711 Sol/s GPU1: 712 Sol/s GPU2: 709 Sol/s GPU3: 709 Sol/s
Total speed: 2841 Sol/s