Can you mix nvida & amd in one rig?

hi guys, i currently only have amd gpus but i'm keeping on thinking on a 1070 or 1080 ti. i dont want to go all in yet and change all of my cards, prefer to wait for vega, but i also don't want to miss out, so...

my question is:
can you mix nvida and amd gpus in one rig? or will you run into driver issues and other shit when you do that?

Yes you can mix them

cool! did you do it yourself, and did you run into issues with the drivers?

I don't think it works, although I have not tried. I remember I cannot install amd driver when there is NVidia driver on the hard disk before. In addition, if two miner software uses the same port to mine, probably there will be conflict. You can test it and inform us the results.

problem is there is no try before you buy option , if i would need to buy a 1080 ti they are expensive, would prefer to know in front if it works :slight_smile:

Have mixed setup. 1x zotac 1080ti amp cause clockrate are higher and 2x r9 390 on one z270 board. More to add in future. The only problem is to get the right driversetup. Win10 sucks at autoconfig, so best is to install 1080ti as main and clear auto detected and drivers out and install 16.12.x for claymore and others.