Shield the ZOMG

During the first year, zomg was very transparent, every step stamped online, which is what I think the community expected… but, could zomg shield itself? could selective disclosure
fight against the creep of bureaucracy and other issues voiced by the current grant committee. no public minutes of meetings, no written out reasons for grant rejections or acceptance. just the minimum requirements to comply with zip 1014. would that allow zomg members more freedom to operate effectively?


If the issues that exist now on ZOMG continue for the next committee I would hope that they are transparent and vocal about it so it can be addressed. If that’s calling for ZCAP vote or even amending ZIP 1014, the community should know about it so they can put the wheels in motion.

This is literally millions of dollars that the community has allocated to make Zcash better. To give that kind of money away without any accountability or transparency into the reasoning behind decisions seems absurd. The meeting minutes and ZOMG spreadsheet are provided by ZF, so it’s not extra work on ZOMGs plate to post them.

Remember that most of the issues ZOMG is facing isn’t “too much transparency to the community” it’s the structure of ZIP 1014 itself and the ZF-ZOMG relationship.