Shielded Support for Ledger Hardware Wallets (NanoS+, NanoX)

We (ZF) met with Zondax, Ledger and ZCG to discuss how best to move forward, and there was general agreement around the multi-phase approach described above.

Zondax is preparing a grant application for phase 1, which will cover:

  • Updating Zondax’s fork of Zecwallet Lite to support ZIP317 fees
  • Security audit of the new embedded app by one of Ledger’s approved audit partners
  • Technical support and maintenance of the embedded app for 12 months
  • Training and support to other Zcash desktop wallet teams who want to add support for Ledger devices

This work will deliver a new embedded Ledger app with support for transparent and Sapling shielded transactions. We hope that this new embedded app will allow Ledger users whose funds are currently “stuck” to unlock their funds.

The next step once that app has been accepted and published by Ledger will be to look at updating Ledger Live to support Sapling shielded transactions (we’re referring to this work as phase 1a).

Future work includes looking at adding Orchard support and checking whether shielded transactions can be signed using Ledger devices over a Bluetooth connection (for mobile devices).