Software stops mining after some time, unless I press “enter” on my keyboard


it’s been happening every now and then - It just stops mining. There is no problem with internet. I’ve got strong signal. As soon as I press “enter” through my keyboard, software goes back online and keeps mining.

I’m total novice here and would really appreciate some of you guys’ feedback.

Windows is so shitty for mining. I see there are nothing on your desktop, so I’m assuming that you are using that pc for only mining.

Delete it and install Ubuntu 16.04.

It will be hard for the beginning but it will be better.

For otherhand, you can switch your miner to DSTM’s zm0.6 from EWBF.

Thank you. I appreciate that.
Now I have to digest that information. Time to learn

I would suggest activating windows, do not use wifi, make sure you don’t have sleep mode turned on.

I’ll do that. Thank you

I have 2 GPUS and together they are giving 1020 Sol/s

For some reason after I opened 2 seperate windows of the same zcash mining software, problem seems to disappear. Now both windows are showing around 500 Sol/s, together 1000 Sol/s. And its been running non stop for the past 16 hours

You could download autoit and write a script to send “enter” to the window every hour or so.

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I switched to linux. Using hiveos now. Its been working non-stop now. thank you for the info

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