Just Starting out and need some advice

Hi there.

I just started mining about a week ago and got the excavator v 1.1.0a miner working on zec-eu1.nanopool.org:6666

I am using 3 x 1060,s with a total of 870mhs

The first 2 days 16th and 17th June it paid me 0.01 three times both days but from the 18th things went really slow and seemed to have stayed way. Is this normal or has something gone wrong on my end? My hash rates are showing the same as when i started.

Thanks in advance for your help

Regards Esa

Hi Esa ,

The difficulty grow and the value decrease, so yes its normal. It scared me yesterday so I canceled my orders.
You will get paid two times by day with actual stats

Regards Jimmy

difficulty keep growing, and Zcash price dropped below USD300 already…

Alright thanks guys i was also thinking on those lines but i just thought ill make sure. I looked at other post and noticed most people talking about supernova pool etc and was just making sure that i was doing the right by using Excavator & Nanopool

Thanks alot for your replys

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I think that you should use EWBF’s CUDA miner instead of Exclavator to see If it can increase your hashrate

HOLD. Don’t cash in - let it stay there and you will gain big.

I am getting 600+ Sol/s with two GTX 1060s and earning around ~0.0175-0.02 per day. Not bad - just need to hold. Remember, ZEC was $400+ few days back. It will hit $500 soon and you will gain big then.

Im earning about the same as you are with my three 1060,s.

2 x 1060 3gig and 1 x 1060 6gig.

I have set the cores to +150 and the memory to +650 and reduced power limit to 90.On the excavator minner it shows hashrate between 869 and 872.

looks like it’s doing some consolidation. Once it reach back to 400, it’ll skyrocket from there:) but i’m just a newbie

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What’s your hash rate between the 3 gig and 6 gig?

Shows on the minner as 870mhs

ok sorry i misunderstood that. At the moment its only shows one complete amount for all 3.Is there a way i can check per each?

ok so i got EWBF working and its shows more detail aswel

my 6 gig 1060 gets 330 sols
my 3 gig 1060 get 300 sols

So total of 930 sols.i just stated in a few mins and will let it run for 24 hours and see if it does better than excavator.Im also using nanopool again

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Nice :smiley: add this to see power consumption:

Inno3D 1060 3GB - 280 Sol/s
Zotac 1060 6GB Mini - 306 Sol/s

Jimmy, you know how to use the API on the EWBF miner? what’s it for anyway?

I think but Ive not yet tried EWBF miner 0.3.4b

Normally just by following this link on your local network:

My Giga gtx980 (ref) overclocked - 330-335 H/s

No efficiency here :zap:

Because, my video card of the old generation. But my electricity is relatively inexpensive 0.06 $ / kWh

you can improve it by lowering the TDP but at this power cost no matter