Solo Zcash Mining

Hello everyone, help me pls, how i can mine solo with Zcash4Win Wallet?
or mybe other ways to mining Zcash solo

You dont mine with a wallet, you need a graphics card to mine zcash using mining software, your rewards go to the wallet

I doubt that you will succeed in mining solo without a huge amount of equipment

im not about pool dude, i mean mine solo to my zcah4win

Anyway, how i can test it solo? which settings i need?
i do not wanna mine on pool

Zcash is proof of work, it requires a graphics card to mine
Thats solo or pool mining
There are certain cryptocurrencies that allow you to stake from your wallet but not Zcash currently

@Tepess The embedded miner in Zcashd is a CPU miner only which can’t connect to a pool.

The odds of using the embedded CPU miner and sucessfully finding a block solo are extremely low. Your best bet to aquire Zcash for your mining efforts are to use third party software and join a pool.

Here is info to get you started: