Is WinZEC used for mining

I want to mine on my gaming PC (want to go solo without a mining pool just for learning purposes).

I downloaded WinZEC, and am currently downloading the whole blockchain. Once the entire chain is downloaded, can I mine with WinZEC, or is that only to setup the full node?

What’s the next step if I want to mine without a pool?

WinZEC also bundles the zcashd client that is needed to solo mine on your CPU. To mine you’d simply need to add the following lines to your zcash.conf file (which on Windows would be likely C:\Users\your-username\AppData\Roaming\Zcash\zcash.conf)

genproclimit=-1 # Set this to no of cores you want to mine on or -1 for all
equihashsolver=tromp # This is a faster solver

Also see User Guide — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation

If this is for learning purposes I’d highly recommend mining on the testnet as then you’ll actually mine some coins so add the following to the zcash.conf:


Solo mining on mainnet is basically a pointless exercise on a PC and you won’t generate any ZEC. I’d also suggest you download zec-qt-wallet Releases · ZcashFoundation/zecwallet · GitHub which similarly to WinZEC contains an embedded zcashd client but offers a bit more functionality on the front-end.

If your interested in mining Zcash with a PC, you should stop right now. You will LOSE money from electricity costs. ZEC is a ASIC coin now, you cant mine it with a PC. Your MUCH MUCH better off mining a GPU(PC) coin, not a ASIC coin.

Check that website to get an idea of what coins you can mine with a PC. You will make alot more money mining a GPU coin vs trying to mine a ASIC coin. You will make only pennys mining a ASIC coin, if your even lucky enough to make a penny.

Also you said you want to mine without a pool. With only 1 GPU, you cant. You will make ZERO money trying to solo mine with a GPU. You will not find ANY blocks, you are better off buying a lottery ticket at the store and trying to win the jackpot, im not kidding.

Honestly, just by the question you are asking, I would recommend doing more research on GPU mining. There is alot of good youtube videos that will walk you through all the steps and is a good place to start.

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Thank you! It’s for learning purposes so maybe I’ll try the Testnet. The link you provided is really helpful too. It was difficult for me to find details on mining (Zcash specifically)