Solved: Where to buy SATA G2 Cable?

So I bought the 1600 Watt Supernova G2 PSU and it only came with 3 SATA cables. I am using the SATA for my risers. I have 4 GPUS and I can only plug one SATA cable per riser. Does anyone know where I can buy another SATA cable?

An alternative solution could be to grab some molex risers if you don't have any luck. Upon reevaluation I should have gotten some molex risers too but I shouldn't have this problem with 3 HX1000's lol.

Oh wait, if I buy a ver 006 riser ( then I can use the PERIF to Molex cable to run the riser?

I'm just going to buy a version 6 riser and connect the molecular cable directly to the PSU.

i have ver008 now.....

I have never seen a 008????

now you have, but i dont have very many, so they are not in the store yet.

I’ve just received these from Ebay, are they legit? I cant find them anywhere on the web.

The one you bought looks like ver007. You have a SATA powered riser while cryptomined has a molex powered riser. Looking at the circuits as well your board looks different than his (other than the color).

But I could be wrong since cryptomined is the only one who I have seen to have a ver008.

why doesnt it have a lock?
looks like its missing the lock, which is not good cause it can come off really easy.

and why is the 16x slot sticking off the back by like 5mm?? does it work??

otherwise i despise ebay, we need a decentralized bidding platform that is safe and not controlled by a single entity... .ebay... and paypal... are both dying cavemen today... good idea for an ICO, if anyone takes my idea I want 5 % LOL

otherwise yeah, listen to Blue and get your risers from me :slight_smile: it helps me which inturn helps you because it allows me to continue making videos and to provide support for free to people like I do on here. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why there’s no locks on them, I’ve just checked the others and they’re also missing.

The 16x slot is flush with the board, it was just the camera angle making it look like that.

I only got them from there because they had a delivery date which did arrive on time surprisingly, considering they come from China. They also said they was Ver007 as well which was a surprise when I saw Ver008s on there.

I’m building my first rig tomorrow so I’ll find out then if they work or not, but next time, I’ll definitely get from you in future. :slight_smile:

I also got this molex one if you have seen this before.

cool thnaks :slight_smile: and goodluck with your build
yup that looks like a standard ver006 molex

Nice one!! Thanks. BTW what is the approximate delivery time to ship to the UK from you so I know for next time?

DHL 3-7 days, usually closer to 3-5 days, + maybe 1 day to get to our shipping agency, and depending on what you order it can take different tiems for us to get your order out.

for DHL you need to emai me, and the order shoud be something substantial to get me to calculate it manually :slight_smile:

otherwise EMS in teh store 7-10 days

OK brilliant. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help

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