How to best power the risers?


I have built a rig with currently 6 1080ti’s. Room for 6 more.

But Im unsure about powering risers. I got the 1300w+1600w evga supernova g2.

What I have currently done is connecting 3 risers to one cable to SATA, from what I understand that is pretty dumb thing to do, I have now turned off the rigg.

The riser is 008s, and got connection for SATA, 4pin and 6pin.

Can someone help me before I order som new equipment.

Best practice is 1 sata connection per power cable, you should not use two or three per connections per cable.

Molex you can do two

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Thank you for you reply. It was easy to understand.

I have updated now, and I got 1 riser per sata connection. And 2 on the molex.

Should get new risers and save some slots in the PSU.

Can I use SATA-> Molex connector and 2 per cable? But from what I understood reading about this the sata->molex converters are in general a fire hazard themselves and not recommended?

if you use an adapter to plug a sata into a molex it’s no different that running straight sata, plus you’ve introduced another point of failure