Need help! PSU to Molex?

I bought a bunch of risers but they have SATA to MOLEX cables like these:

Can I use this adapter to plug in the riser board directly to PSU?

Thanks in advance!

NO they are for plugging Molex PSU connectors into the PCIE graphics card. Connectors are the wrong way round.

Alright, which ones do I use then?

I though these would work to power the risers

Most people just use the molex connectors that come with their PSU? Like this:

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Thanks for the reply, how many risers can I power with that cable coming from the psu?

I power two from each cable from the PSU.

What is this cable called so I can purchase more of them?

You need to buy the exact right one for your powersupply! Most PSU manufacturers use different pin outs on the cables. No point in buying a corsair cable if you got an EVGA power supply!

I was not aware of that, thanks for the info!

This is the one I plan on using:

Yes ive got that PSU here great PSU but it does not come with many molex so you will need more.

If I’m not mistaken, it comes with 1 cable that has 3 molex connectors. How do I go about getting more that are specific to that PSU?

I really don’t like using sata’s from the power supply to the riser. I wish I had more psu-molex cables.

Know anywhere to find just those and not the whole damn set!?

BTW you can find much longer male molex- female molex here Coboc LP4EX-14 1.16 ft. 4 pin Molex LP4 Internal Power Extension Cable, F/M -

Maybe my next risers will be v7. They are psu-sata straight to the riser (no connector off of riser) but I am still a bit nervous about to risers on one psu-sata cable.

It is a problem guys. It depends what country your in, in EU we can get individual PSU cables from but they’re not cheap (theyre custom hand made so they don’t deserve to be cheap!)

If I can give you a hint - the EVGA G3 1000w is a shit unreliable PSU but it comes with an absoloutly awesome compliment of cables (loads of SATA, molex, 8+8 pin VGA, 8 pin VGA), . May work out cheaper to “use” this psu just for its cables and then plug it into a basic PC setup where the actual PSU is not stressed.

one must remember the max amp specs of molex vs sata power plugs, Nvidia is better with molex and amd cool with sata because of amps, I think it was something like 5.5 amps for sata and more than 10 amps for molex. this might be important for rig stability in some cases. I would use molex just to be sure i dont light my cigar on the wires. A kettle plug is better for a kettle than 2mm dualflex !

You can power two risers of 1080 ti gpus with one molex cable. No more than two.