Starkware and ECC relationship?

Starkware has a pretty incredible event coming up in september:

Why is zcash/ecc not part of this?
On their webpage ECC has been removed as an investor, is everything alright?

Starkware main 2 co-founders are zcash founding scientist and they are focusing entirely on ETH… feels bad man.

On ECC team page Eli’s and Alessandro’s pictures are pixelated and not recent.

It feels like starkware is trying to keep distance with zcash and I personally find it disappointing: starkware has been so productive and in collaboration with the ecc they could easily deploy a stronger and more scalable blockchain…

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If people wonder why I strive for legal clarification, its because ambiguities can cause problems
I haven’t followed up on this at all (since I first read about it) so I have no idea any sort of current state of things


isn’t starkware closed source? completely don’t care about anything they do. open source or GTFO imo

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2nd to last paragraph
“This code is the property of the Technion and is now accessible to any person, researcher or entrepreneur, or any institution that wishes to use it. StarkWare did not use, and does not intend to use an invention belonging to the Technion,” the representative added.”

So you may be correct but whatever they have is not this anymore

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So I guess your devices are strictly linux and android based right?

I think everyone prefers open source code but, personally, I have no issues with closed source code: audits can be made for integrity and at a bigger scale it becomes mandatory.

Only because they produced two closed source project doesn’t mean at all they are not open to work with open source code.

To keep it breif:
The team behind starkware is more than incredibly talented. They raised less than 40m$ and have already delivered with some incredible work (I personally can’t wait for the event, I’m sure the work they’ll share will be impressive). The biggest grant from the ETH foundation has been in favor of starkware. Aaaand zn-starks > zn-snarks

Starkware is the “crème de la crème” when it comes to ZK.

In anycase I was just wondering if there is a simple explanation for why starkware is “taking distance” from zcash or if it’s just a wrong feeling and nothing is under the bridge between the two.

Eli gave a presentation at zcon1 in june, so I’m kinda puzzled…


Im actually more excited about sharks!

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Maybe bc ECC busy going “all in” on zcash? Too busy? :thinking:

I just love how they shared a blog post announcing their investment and then didn’t follow up with any news in regards /s.


Just following up on this thread…looks like Starkware just released a codebase for Stark compilation. Starkware has made some really impressive strides, i recently saw they batched like 300k transactions into a single Stark proof. Looks like the entire ZK tech space is vastly improving and wondering how/if the ECC works with Starkware?


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