Radical “to the moon” thread

Nah I was actually glad to find out we started at about the same time I started Jan 2016, bought ether for $2.60 and I think I sold it for somewhere around $11-$12 and thought I was a super leet trader guy. Lost nearly all profits on LISK (The ETHER killer the next new big thing!) Not to mention holding USDT on Bitfinex before and during the Bitfinex hack and haircut. We all make mistakes and I plan to learn from mine and not make the same mistake with ZEC. Also I bought a trezor so my keys my ZEC, no more haircuts :wink:

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Dude want to share war stories!? My first crypto purchase was 1200 ETH because “world computer” . Then I sold to buy xrp :joy:

I also bought the whole JavaScript hook-line-sinker with LSK, fortunately that was one of the rare times I actually got a top almost perfectly.

I once had a 20k margin position open for an entire year! I closed it at a loss because I was sick of paying interest. The coin rallied 2 days after I closed my position. The exchanges are trading against you!

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I have a better idea than war stories!

  1. Zooko builds a time machine
  2. Takes the two of us back in time so we can sell the ETH top
  3. The two of us finance the next four years of the development fund :rofl:

Anyway seriously I remember the problem with LISK was rampant DDOS attacks on the web sitewhere you were able to claim your LISK. I remember one could also claim it through linux and dont know why I dindt do that as I do use Linux.

The more I think about it the more I realize how the crypto market has indeed matured. Those coordinated DDOS attacks on exchanges so you couldnt sell at the right time were outright criminal. Also old polo (Before it was sold) was rampant with insider trading.

But hey what a time to be alive :joy:


At the height of my profits I had >50 btc. 45 of which purchased ZEC at prices you would cry at. So many horror stories.

All in all these are just stories I’m sharing with a community I care deeply about. I don’t know any of you personally but I’m glad we’re all here for the same thing and that makes us family. I’m no expert trader nor am I an amateur. I felt like sharing because maybe you can learn or laugh at some of my failures.


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Thanks for sharing the libSTARK github page, I totally didn’t see that…
@kek so their first project actually is fully open sourced :smiley:

I fully understand the need for not going open source on their second project (DEX)

I fell ya!

Sharing is caring, if only data wasn’t so centralized… !!


had big wins and small losses old days. my biggest rekt was nov 2018 doom, got finally stopped out losing 3 dig of btc.) this year is controversial for me. for now. and most unvelievable win was not trading and investing/hodling related. it was a gut feeling of fishy time incoming and getting away with large part of my stash from btc-e before it got 6 badges.)

I always tell myself that: “If I could see the future, I would pick the winning LOTTO numbers” and it helps (a little).
This game is hard but it does get easier over time. Human beings are amazing and can adapt to anything.
We’re gonna make it.

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i would argue with this thesis. rules are periodically and dramatically changing. field is evolving. 2k16-17 were literally free money and forgiving times. imagine beating arthur and his algo-alameda cronies at 18-19 while crowd is scared af.)


Yeah I get what you’re saying the market was much less mature back then. I was speaking about my emotions I remember when I started I literaly sweated over couple of hundred $ losses each day. Now I dont check prices for weeks. One thing I have told myself is that Im going to always stick to my original plan, as mostly deviating and jumping from one shiny coin to another seemed to hurt me the most, both emotionally and financially. Going well so far…


:thinking: :thinking:

ZEC and ETH the Twitter stablecoins? :smile:


btc gone south, but zcash ratio is holding. and zcash hashrate is ath again. fun times.)

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zcash TX are uptrending too!

ZEC fundamentals are currently looking good!


I wasn’t aware there is a ZEC rich-list …

@kek, are you the one with 225k ZEC??? :grinning:

Just out of fun checked the BTC one too:


not me! i use zcash properly! have a feeling that could be an exchange wallet.

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Of course, was just kidding a bit. I personally doubt it’s an exchange, i mean there is no need to hold that much ZEC for our markets on any exchange Of course just my opinion.

huh… bitzec up to his usual crap again… yawn…

@moderators Think we’ve been tolerant enough of bitzec, clearly only one agenda thats obviously toxic & corrosive. I suggest its time he was shown the door, at least for several months.

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I personally like these rich lists to see how the distribution is all over.

For example just thinking if these wallets below 0.1 ZEC are abandoned ones, maybe even these below 1 ZEC?

probably. or forgotten till better times. not every wallet, but majority are.