Solo Mining Reward -- Where does it go?

If I find a block when solo mining – using zcashd -gen – how am I rewarded? By how, I mean, where does the reward go? I’ve designated neither a t_address nor a z_address in any config nor on the command line.

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When you find a block your wallet will choose an address in your keypool and use it to generate the coinbase tx.

You don’t need to set a mining address, zcashd will automatically pick a new one each time.


Cool. I suspected it was something like that, but I hadn’t found a definitive answer. Thanks!

Do you know of a guide that describes this process in some detail with examples? The mining guide just mentions that rewards are sent to a t-address and didn’t say anything about setting up a keypool. I’d like to know how the miner will be informed when a block is successfully mined and the steps the miner needs to follow to send that reward to his wallet.

You can setup multiple t addresses and z addresses, creating a “pool” of addresses. I assume that’s really what voxelot is talking about and has nothing to do with pools in the sense of mining pools. The person doing the mining, rather than the software, wouldn’t be notified as my understanding goes. Your balance will just go up (zcash-cli getbalance), meaning it’s in your wallet. If you’d like to send it to a different address, you can do that. But your wallet is really a collection of addresses and the cumulative total value.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m trying to better understand all of this too.

Current Zcash implementation is based on Bitcoin Core 0.11.2 and this behavior is inherited from Bitcoin.

On the first launch of bitcoind/zcashd, a keypool is filled with 100 keys. Zcash mining only uses t-addresses which are just bitcoin addresses and mining inherited all of bitcoins attributes like using “disposable” keys to generate coinbase txs from the keypool.

okay. well i apparently don’t know what i’m talking about! lol

thank you for the clarification.