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Hi all,

So i am very new here and doing this as i have 3 machine with nothing to do, and just trying to figure out how this all works.
So i installed and started Zcash using this guide Building Zcashd & Zcash-cli on Debian/Ubuntu — Zcash Documentation 5.3.0 documentation

which it seems to be doing something (see pic)
Screenshot 2022-10-28 172802

but my question is how do i check hashrates, where is my wallet and how do i bank what i make in my wallet, also i have 3 machines running, is there away to set them all so the deposit into the same wallet?
Thank you advance

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It’s downloading the Zcash block chain. Running RPC’s with the zcash-cli are how you call information to and from zcashd such as ./zcash-cli getinfo or getnetworksolps and getbalanceforaccount . Before it’s sync’d however you will only have partial functionality of all the commands. The zcash-cli lives in the same directory as zcashd Zcash 5.3.0 RPC Docs
All of the devices could serve as cloned instances but theres a risk of corrupting your wallet if you attempt to make conflicting transactions, take caution.

Thank you for your reply, appears i didn’t read the requirements first, but it appears this is something i will have to abandon for the moment (only have 250GB storage) but i will return if i ever decide to come back to zcash.

Thank you again,

now to figure out how to delete the zcash items


The default installation places a zcash and .zcash (hidden) folder in the home directory and you can simply delete those.