Steady as she goes my GPU brothers. Might get rocky

Let’s keep the GPU hashrate robust with a steady determination and crush the ASICs.

Just say NO !

Next week’s news now, today (!)

Bitmain selling mini for 1200 USD !!!

Limit lifted to 100 units w/discount.


Your post is a little oblique but your positive attitude is exemplary!

I applaud your enthusiasm but you can’t crush a ASIC with GPU when they outperform a GPU by 15 to 1 using a 1/10th of the power. They are purpose built to do the exact opposite, crush everything else.

The price drop and double down on quantity…I could see Bitmain doing that, or even lower on price just to be sure.

The real fun starts if we fork them off - I’ll certainly be mining ZEC then whatever happens just to support the network while difficulty adjusts.

Oh yeah, that part ^^^^^

It is compelling…