StepxStep Mining Rig setup - beyond equipment?

Although I'm very experienced with software and hardware, I've never built a mining rig or "linked" more than 2 GPUs to one mobo. Equipment and setup I think will come easy however I wanted to inquire as to whether there were any guides on the necessary code/strings/commands needed to "get it going"...of course this will vary between equipment and specs but if anyone would like to point me in a good general directions, I'd be quite grateful!

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Msi Afterburner to setup custom fan profiles and monitor temps

And a simple config file and start.bat on Claymore V4.0

In Config file:

-zwal taddress.worker
-zpsw x
-allpools 1
-mport 0
-i 0

In Start,bat:


Change taddress.worker to your own and run start.bat

This works on 99.99% of rigs (0.01% is left for faulty hardware / non supported cards / user error etc)

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@trolloniex - you need to bottle this up and sell it - awesome info. I'll be adding it...:joy:

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Hehehehe, yeah I can probably make a few beers with it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here is to you! :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

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@trolloniex I'm looking to "mass produce" (if you will) and need a cheap/awesome for what I'm doing mobo option to run 6 x Sapphire Radeon RX 480 8GB NITRO+ OC each - I have a friend that bought quite a few of these and is selling them to me for a lot less than retail - hence why I'm going with them. I've been looking at th MSI 970 GAMING DDR3 2133 ATX AMD bc it appears for the price - it would do the job with a few mods...ideas?

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I will have similar set but with 5 x xfx 480
I want set them with MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Intel LGA1150 Z97 But also i waiting for someone who tell me its ok or not.


Looks like only 4x GPUs

MSI Z97 Gaming 5 works great - I have a couple 6 x xfx 480s running on them

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great! but could you tell me Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 Socket 1150 will have similar spec to gaming 5?

Yes the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 is a good one and can do 7 GPUs but he mentioned the 970 Gaming that has 4x PCI-E and 2x PCI so max 4 GPUs.

That can do 6 GPUs and it's on the same chipset so I don't think you will have any problems.

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@trolloniex - good point and for whatever reason I read more....@garethtdavies I like the Gaming 5 but its more $$ - trying to minimize initial startup (which I really have done with the deal on the Sapphires) - essentially I'm a huge cheapskate and try to do most things on my own!

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Couple of threads within threads here :slight_smile: as I was replying to @Qlio I have no idea about the Gaming 3 - so you'll need to do more research the Gaming 5 definitely works and it's not that easy to find one that does!

You are of course correct on the 970 Gaming!

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