Thinking about buying my first mining rig. Here are my parts

Thinking about investing in a mining rig. These are the parts i am thinking about buying.

Intel core i3-6100
4GB ddr4
EVGA superNOVA G2 1300W
And 6x PCIe 1x to 16x.

I am getting a pretty good deal on a R9 nano and a 390. But i want to use 6 cards.
The cheapest 470 is 234$ and the cheapest 480 is 281$. Is the 50$ difference worth the money? I have "free" power.
Any tips or anything i should change? Thanks!

Going to need a different mobo - Z170 only does 5 cards.

You will also have problems with 5 GPU on this Motherboard, I recommend to go with MS Z97 Gaming 5, up to 7 GPU

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Jupp found that out. Luckly i found the Asrock btc motherboard, Pentium and 6 Pcie risers for under 100$ :stuck_out_tongue:

May want to use a platinum power supply instead of gold. It will use less electricity because it's more efficient. I like Antec but there are other ones that are platinum also.

why not try a new Z270 board? I think they might be able to do 6 GPUs cause they have more pcie lanes than Z170 right?

otherwise your set up looks good, except as everyone pointed out the z170... just go z97

EVGA 1300G2 is great go for it for 6 GPus... or the 1600G2 if you want to run 7 GPUs

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