Stuck on "Activating Best Chain"

I was having issues sending ZEC so i ran ‘./src/zcashd -reindex’

How long should this take? It has been resyncing for about an hour already and does not appear to be making any progress.

Any advice?


Had the same issue. The only thing I could do was to remove current blockchain and reload it again from the network without -reindex

mind sharing how you did this? i’m afraid i will delete something that will destroy my zec balances

  1. Back up all you zcash blockchain data folder
  2. Create a new data folder, rename it as “data” and point zcashd there with
    ./zcashd -datadir=/path/to/your/new/data
  3. wait while zcash sync the blockchain, then close it
  4. copy wallet.dat from backup and run again

Hope this will help

Can someone explain that to me? Where is zcash blockchain forder?Do you mean the zcash folder?
I would really appreciate the help Hash.Thank you

Replied to wrong thread , sorry

Hello, I did this to reset my datadir and although if fixed the issue, my transparent address with all its unspent is now gone.

If I go back to my backup of the data dir, it sticks in Ativating best chain again.
Did I loose my zcash?

Sounds strange to me. You might want to ask devs in Zcash slack or another thread in this forum. Anyway do not do any operations over backup folder, since it is the only chain that contains your coins.

I have just posted a topic on this.
Hope it helps.
Please see latest topic.

copy ~/.zcash/wallet.dat and ~/.zcash/zcash.conf somewhere else

Nuke the ~/.zcash directory

run mkdir ~/.zcash, copy zcash.conf and wallet.dat back into it and start zcashd again