Suggest Questions for the ZCON4 Town Halls!

Following the success of last year’s Town Hall discussion, we will have two Town Hall sessions during ZCON4 - one focused on non-technical topics like the future of Zcash funding and decentralization, and another focused on technical topics, like what the roadmap for Zcash looks like, moving away from pure Proof of Work, ZSAs, programmability, scalability, etc.

As always, we want to hear the Zcash community’s input and ideas for what should be discussed during these sessions. You can suggest specific questions or more general topics.

Please post the questions you would like answered (or the topics you would like to see discussed) during these Town Hall sessions in this thread.

Please keep your questions short. If you have multiple questions or topics to suggest, please post them individually, so they can be upvoted separately. You don’t need to specify which session your question/topic is intended for - we’ll take care of allocating them to the most suitable session.

Upvote questions or topics that others have suggested by :heart:ing them. The questions and topics with the most likes will be prioritized. We may group similar topics or questions together.


What has been the costs to develop zebra?
What actions are planned to grow zebra node usage?


I wanted to know if the deprecation of Sprout is already planned


Could you please elaborate on the nature of the relationship between Pantera Capital and Zcash? What value does this partnership bring to both parties, and how does it influence Zcash’s strategic development and growth in the context of the evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency space?

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Considering the daily transactions of Zcash Network (the data from is falling behind its various rivals, such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic, what does ZF or ZF executives analyze & evaluate this situation?


Given the ‘hodler’ narrative that significantly contributes to Bitcoin’s value, do you anticipate an increase in Zcash’s value if it were to be adopted as a ‘true cash’? If ‘zodlr’ mentality encourages holding over spending, how would this balance with the aim of Zcash becoming a widely-used medium of exchange?


Can the Zcash blockchain be used (or modified) as the “blockchain of money” upon which Zcash is one of many forms of money (applications on the blockchain)? For example, a Zcash coin, USDz stable coin backed by short term government bonds and holders keep the majority of interest earned.

Can a fee mechanism be structured to incentivize developers to build on Zcash and where some % of fees are paid to the people holding Zcash along with the developers who are generating the transactions and transaction fees.

Can development on the Zcash blockchain be opened up and decentralized so anyone can build on top of it while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the Zcash blockchain?

Should the Zcash blockchain be governed separately from Zcash the coin? It seems like their may be divergent interests between the two.


How will consensus for the next Dev Fund be determined, and what mechanisms or methods will be utilized to determine the outcome?


Now that more organizations are contributing to protocol development, how can we improve the network upgrade process to make it more collaborative across different entities?


What are the pros and cons of transitioning Zcash from its own L1 to an Ethereum L2?


If the community supports it, is the ECC, ZF and ZCG open to accepting the funding and governance model outlined here?

If not, why?


What is your organization planning to do to help promote the use of Zcash for payments in the next year?


Will your organization branch out of the walled gardens of Twitter, Discord and Telegram and become active in the Fediverse?

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why ZF holding so many BTC and ETH stagnant in its treasury?
its something like $2,500,000 in those coins and theyre competitors to Zcash
seems like if the ZF is for making Zcash success part of that is investing in ZEC rather than competitor coins

I would love to see something like this come out of ZCON4.

Zcash will reorganize its operations and governance to become the blockchain of money. Utilizing its groundbreaking zero-knowledge proof technology, Zcash will develop its blockchain so that people worldwide can expect to transact freely, securely, privately, and reliably using Zcash, Zstablecoins, Zuda, & more. Zcash mission is to enable private transactions utilizing any form of money people choose: The power of Z.

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Given the non-zero concern around Zcash’s true supply and comments like this:

is there a possibility that Zcash might have an unobserved inflation bug that would allow an attacker to covertly create new coins beyond the established emission schedule?

Secondly, if such a bug does not exist, could you elaborate on the mechanisms or processes in place that ensure this? How can we, as users and investors, independently verify that there isn’t an inflation bug in the Zcash protocol?

If a new organization is added as a Dev Fund recipient, will it also be added to the Trademark Agreement?