Zcon4: Growing the Zcash Community(Call for Questions)

I will be chairing the “Growing the Zcash Community” Panel at Zcon4 and am lucky to be joined by a handful of panelists to discuss how we can continue to grow and develop the Zcash community around the world.

I would like to crowdsource some topics & questions from the community in advance, so if you have some ideas of what you would like us to discuss or specific questions for any of the panelists, please post in this thread and I will work to include them into the talk.


What are three innovative ideas to help zcash community ambassadors increase their local community participation?


As we navigate the labyrinth of the Zcash ecosystem, we can identify numerous communities. These include, but are not limited to, the Developer community, Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Privacy advocates, End-users, Business sector, Investors, and Mining community. Each of these sub-communities offers its unique contributions, shaping the overall character and trajectory of Zcash.

However, we’re faced with a triad of key questions that might require careful consideration:

  1. Hierarchy of Importance: In the vast constellation of communities linked to Zcash, is there one that stands out as particularly significant? It’s understood that each community carries its unique weight and influence, but which amongst them would you consider as the most critical component?

  2. Recognition and Representation: Is there a particular community within the broader Zcash landscape that you believe is underrepresented or overlooked? If so, why do you think this is the case, and what potential benefits could be unlocked by giving it a larger platform?

  3. Growth Prioritization: Given the dynamic nature of the Zcash ecosystem, where should we focus our efforts in terms of growth? Which community needs to be nurtured and expanded upon to achieve the optimum level of contribution to the overall Zcash mission?