Suggestion for the webmaster

I’ve been gathering some mining statistics from the computers I have at my disposal and I’d like to share them and encourage others to do the same via your site’s Mining Specifics page.

Please feel free to send me a private message via this forum or to Voluntary_reddit on reddit.

Hi Voluntary,
Thanks for your interest in the site, it is a side project of mine since there are so many pages and so much information about Zcash I wanted to make a resource for anyone find everything in one place. I hope that getting more people mining and involved will help Zcash be a success.
It is still very much a work in progress since I can only work on it in my free time. I’m working on several more pages to publish and your offer to help is appreciated.

Anyone: please feel free to PM me directly, I don’t wish to spam these forums with feedback for another site.