New Zcash Pool - Zcash4u!

Hello fellow miners,

We are excited to announce the creation of a brand new Zcash mining pool - Zcash4u. We, few friends banded together and created a new pool for everyone who wants to start mining, from total beginers to experinced miners. To those who might be bothered by pools where majority share holders are the creators, we welcome you with open arms and together we can get this pool really going!

We are passionate miners with server hosting experience and we hope to provide the best service we can, while constantly improving ourselfs.
Alongside our new pool we have created website and a facebook fanpage containing as much information and mining news as you possibly need to become a miner yourself. We continue to work on the website and updated with the latest news and we try to create a friendly mining community on our facebook page.

Here we would like to list some of our pool details:

  • Low 0,3% fees
  • Online support
  • Real time payout (min 0,005 ZEC)
  • Proportional block reward

Port: 3032

What does your pool provide that others don’t? What is your pool’s current hashrate and how much are you willing to invest to ensure your pool stays profitable?

I feel like a tape recorder and someone keeps hitting rewind. Low fees are great and all but that’s no longer a reasonable incentive. You have to be able to pony up and find at least a few blocks a day. If that’s not something you can do, you will end up like all the other pools that have come and gone.

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Hi nekkidtruth :slight_smile:

What does our pool provide over any other is a difficult question to answer. First of, we are only mining Zcash, no multicoin or any other. For us, mining Zcash is more of a hobby, than a business, so we are looking for like minded people. Our thought behind creating our own pool was to simply have one where 90% of the entire profit does not go to a single person who is a large scale farmer. Finding a block a day, or several feeds the pool wallet, but the minor miners get next to nothing. With us, it may take longer, but everyone will get paid and everyone will actually contribute.

Seeing as we just started, our hashrate is going up and down as people are coming and going and we are investing in marketing to find more people, such as promoting on facebook. And of course to keep the server stable and help people who have trouble connecting.

Low fees are hopefully enough of an incentive for people who are just starting or hopping onto a different pool, and we also have very low limit for payouts.
And wether we will be eventually able to mine a block or two a day, depends on people willing to give it a shot somewhere else, other than already established pools, we can only be active, helpful and hopeful :slight_smile:

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Appreciate you taking the time to type that out. However, it doesn’t change the current climate with regards to zcash pools. There are a few that are large and an over saturation of small pools that don’t have enough hashrate to be considered profitable.

I wish you all the best but you offer the same as everyone else and those others already have a hard enough time keeping miners around. Proportional block reward isn’t anything new and what you call “minor miners” still get paid scraps if someone with a higher hashrate comes along.

Good luck though!


pool looks good. I like the 0,3% fee idea and payout system. I have just joined the pool. :star_struck:
I have got some GPUs for christmas so at least I will try new GPU combo on Zcash4u pool.
I hope hasrate will rise soon so we can beat blocks on regular basis.

regards miners!