Summer Sizzle in Effect with PiMP OS July News!

Portable Instant Mining Platform

July 2018 News is here!

Special thanks to Gerry for the workbench rig pics! Nice work!

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Summer is in full swing for most pimps and we are keeping our rigs hot and our wallets piling high with coins. Lots of big changes in the pipeline for pimps including multi-farm management, big changes to gputool, professionally made art and videos, and an all new referral program to earn some extra coins!

With the drivers, kernels, and miners changing rapidly, we work hard to keep you on the bleeding edge of mining for the greatest profits. Read More at getpimp dot org

Look forward to seeing more previews of the latest work from the PiMP family each month. Want it faster? Join PiMP Beta team at getpimp dot org
This month’s PiMP update has previews from 3 and the PiMP OS 3 new look, and the new PiMP Referral program to help you earn profits for recommending PiMP!
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