Supercomputers are destroying the ZCASH!

In a PPS pool like Slushpool they would get proportional but in a PPLNS pool like Suprnova, you would need more than an hour to get a good chunk. But if you have seen it with experience then that is different.

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OK, Some people use super computer to mine the zec, they need to pay much electric charge more than 3 ZEC to get one ZEC.

True yes. But that doesn’t mean we should be worried about them. I do not see how supercomputers are destroying zec.

Slushpool is not PPS-based. It uses a moving average-like score.

True slush is moving average and it takes 2 hours to get the full 100% but you tell me it’s not disheartening to be grinding in that pool for 5 hours only go see big power that doubles or more pool hash rate come in for an hour or so grab coins go. Just thinking these guys are big enough to mind without pool so they should

supercomputers… yeah sure.
I think all supercomputers are managed by a big group of people that are also regulated by the goverments, so it’s unlikely to see supercomputers mining if not for research purpose, and I would guess it would never go on for more than a 1 day throught out the full year…

Most probable it’s just a farm switching, as mentioned before.