Supercomputers are destroying the ZCASH!

ZCASH team,
Recently, many supercomputers run at flypool, for example, miner t1gmEncDpF78LsYY5zVixakzLYqgBncgRdJ. It’s hashrate is 2.3M… One percent of the total hashrate on the network. Supercomputers had taken a lot of ZCOINs.
Do you have any ideas which can restrict the miner of supercomputers?

Are these even super computers?
Not just mining farms switching to most profitable coins?

They can be people using Nicehash or MiningRigRentals…

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Zcoin is not zcash/zec


That is our theory as well. They all have 1 worker… they come and go often… so we guessed that it’s nicehash bought power. It makes a good sense too…

Irrespective of if its these big systems are super computers, nicehash, other mining pools or someone that has cracked the asic issue the issue remains. And recognise this is 1 worker, there may be others.
as this big pool represents at least 2% of the total has and I suspect is moving constantly around the different pools (not to other currencies) to effectively snipe extra coins, this will cause a significant centralisation of the Zcash.
In Zcash’s documentation they state they would actively resist the implementation of ASIC’s as they cause centralisation, Surely this is the same issue…

So Team care to comment???

They can’t essentially “snipe extra coins” all pools except for one I think are PPLNS now not PPS. So even if they do starting mining at near the end of the block cycle they will only get a small amount compared to if they stayed on the pool for a long time. If they are using nicehash they are losing money big time. I use nicehash and you cannot just spike your miner in short amounts and except an ROI. I think they are a big farm moving around but who knows.

Sort of off-topic, but since you’re using nicehash maybe you can help me understand. I don’t really get how nicehash is profitable at all to rent hashing power from. Whenever I try to calculate profitability for a hashing power BUYER, it just wouldn’t make sense to rent the hashing power vs. buying coin outright. For example, to rent miners at 1 TH/day for LBRY would cost $7k+ in BTC for a day, but that hashing power would only net you $6500 worth of LBC w/ $0 in power costs. Or am I doing something wrong?

You’re not misunderstanding it at all. That’s exactly how it works right now. If you’re uber lucky, you can buy hashrate at a low price that will net you profit but it’s literally peanuts on top of what you would have made mining yourself. For example, I’ve used Nicehash a few times for ZEC. Each time I either broke even or came out with like .05 ZEC profit.

lol ok good i thought i was crazy. Glad I bought miners instead then

Hi team,
It should not be nicesh, do you have any comment?

  1. The nicehash don’t support the flypool,
    My friends try to buy hashing power at nicehash, but it can’t use it for flypool…(stratum tcp)

  2. The nicehash don’t have enough hashing power( The supercomputers at flypool more than 7M, you can’t buy enough hashing power from nicehash)

  1. The nicehash don’t support the ZEC on flypool
    And buyer can’t change the hashing power to different pool frequently.

You can use nicehash on Flypool. I used to do that. and you can get that much hashing power by creating multiple accounts or just multiple orders. They could also be using MiningRigRentals which does not have a limit that I am aware of.

Is there any one will buy the hashing power from nicehash and change the hashing power to different pool frequently?

You can’t change pools frequently with nicehash. That I am aware of. This could also be a farm. Farms can jump pool frequently.

I still do not understand why you would want to jump pools so much with that hash power. especially into a pplns pool where it is geared to hang around for long time. if its because different people are hiring it then surely they would be better going to a pps pool? i.e give slushpool a help back into life.

Somone should look into it, that is alot of hashpower and really wierd its jumping around from pools

I do believe these supercomputers are running without permission. Its means it is run by some people surreptitiously.

I mean if someone has a supercomputer and is using it to mine, why should they be punished?

Thats not accurate. In testing, I found that coming in within the last hour gave me almost identical payouts. Its another reason I am trying to find pools that dont allow that. Nothing worse than working on a block for hours and having someone come in at last minute.