What should miners do ?!

just send a picture

Speechless… I’m thinking about investing other cryto such as LTC or DASH…

supercomputer mine zcash what should normal miner do

could be worse…
that’s only the equivalent of 3148 1080’s. No that’s not gonna cause centralization of this coin at all… shakes head.

looking at https://insight.mercerweiss.com/address/t1WKexnwAjn1eke9y4WkKqgv4om7UYrv5eH
the address was only created today, gained 81ZEC, so I suspect they are bouncing wallets too for some reason… interesting to see the alignment between the two charts… i.e. no overlap… bet we can find the other pieces, unless of course they skip pools too.

That’s not some mega fancy super computer, pretty sure that’s just someone paying for the hashing power via nicehash. That’s why it’s on and off so much (they only run it when the difficulty dips).

well according to Zcash Hashrate Chart - ZEC Hashrate - CoinWarz
current ZEC global hash rate is 200->250MH/s so Ripple’s post still indicates that 1 miner has control of at least 1% of that.
Would like to hear Zcash’s view on that.

Mining Pool Hub
Rank #1
User Name anonymous
KH/s 5,179.137 = 5.179MH/s = 2% of total pool right…
ZEC/Day 142.379

You can but the hash on nicehash too。。。。。。。

Sell your rigs. The end is nigh.

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