Someone has switched lots of miners to ZCash

This “guy” has 2.3 MH/s of mining power and switched to Zcash mining in last few hours ( about 14:00 UTC on 28 Feb).

It looks to be well over twice the mining power of anyone else on Flypool and I think he has about 4.5% of the global network hashrate.

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Alright guys, spill it. Which one of you told Chuck Norris about Zcash?


Ok who is this guy. or company.
Its about 1342 miners like mine LOL

Anyone can get so much hashpower, just use NiceHash :slight_smile:

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After 5 months mining, and setting several cards (RX 470, GTX 970, GTX 980, and now I will install a new RX 480), I still do not understand how there are some miners achieving 600,000 to 1,000,000 Sol/s rates.

I also saw this post about 2.3 MSol/s rates.

Each card I have is giving between 250 and 350 Sol/s… so what is their “secret”?

I checked, and some of them have 1 worker, while others have easily 1000 workers giving small Sol/s rates.

Anyone there can share this?
Is it just indeed thousand of GPUs running?

Latest ones:


Hey meem,

So it’s pretty simple - you can’t point all of your hardware hashpower to one worker, same for cloud power. If you have 10 rigs that do 3K Sol/s you can combine and make them all 1 worker via a pool for 30K Sol/s.

What’s the best way to mine or buy z cash guys? [Moderator Removed Phone Number]

To buy Z cash, goto a crypto exchange
To mine, build or buy a mining rig using either Nvidia GPU’s or AMD GPU’s. If you are never going to leave Zcash then go Nvidia, if you think you want to mine other cryptocurrency then go AMD.

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@Akrowe93 I have removed the phone number from your post. It’s not a good idea to post personal information on a public forum.

Stick around here, read, and ask questions I’m sure you will find answers to what you are looking for.

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I understand the math… but if you have 10 rigs for 3K, that must be something around $1,000 at least (asuming 6 GPUs @ $150 plus CPU/MB/PSU)… then you combine for 30K… but then to create 1M then you need 300 more… that is $300,000! Did someone indeed spent that fortune to do ZCash mining?!?

Or again… what I am missing???

They are most likely rigs that have been mining Ethereum or similar which they have had for a while and then switched to ZCash.

If you look at Flypool’s stats for a miner, for example: Zcash Flypool - Zcash (ZEC) mining pool

You can see the average hash rate for each miner which isn’t that high, so I suspect it is older GPUs rather than new faster RX480s or similar with 6 GPU per.

Definitely possible. I dropped about $26K in January.

Thanks for opening my eyes :wink: I just started with a $1K mining rig, and if ZEC continues above $60, I will recover that amount in just months… now I understand why higher investments would make sense…

No problem man. It’s all good - great time to get into mining. Asic resistant altcoins opened up gpu mining again - should be a great run for a few years. I actually didn’t know what an altcoin was on new years eve about 3 months ago…