Test Linux port of latest version of swing wallet

I posted a bounty to get the latest version of the ZenCash swing wallet in an easy to use open source format. This is the first response that I have received that appears to meet my requirements. I want it on github as a package, with documentation, and the ability to install with apt.

Also want all the features to work, including messaging. Before awarding the bounty I am asking for people to test it. Wallet is posted here: https://github.com/blbradley/zcash-swing-wallet-ui/releases

Basically, I want to just run the application on Ubuntu like any other application, not have to run the zcash binary first, then launch a java app, etc.


It is still a work in progress. It need updated documentation, and an APT install process that installs zcash as well.

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I think having zcashd running in the background is unavoidable. Is your preference for the Swing wallet to start zcashd if it isn’t already running?

yes, that’s what the swing wallet should do, start zcashd if it is not already running