The blackpill thread

great example is gemini listing. we immediately received ZEC/USD, ZEC/BTC, and zcash pumped +$100. we did a full retrace, but that’s mostly because bitcoin starting shitting all over itself. oddly enough, pretty sure zcash hasn’t had a single decent pump since we’ve been trading on coinbase. zcash not having any news for 10 months straight could have a hand in this equation too, tho.

this should be a selling point for people considering investing in ZEC. don’t believe it’s a normal thing for a legitimate altcoin to not have any significant news for more than a year straight.

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kinda going with the “no significant news” theme …zcash has basically disappeared from mainstream financial publications. believe last mention was in april.


Just thinking about it i mainly agree with you.
Thinking further it will be interesting to see what happens IF there is no new dev fee/tax in place until the Founders Reward expires?!

Or another thought. Maybe exactly that founder reward is one of the reasons we have not many news at all. IF everybody gets his piece of the pie with/without doing much there could be less incentive to give news whatever attention?!

And the last thought. I didn’t check yet against any other currencies that had premine, ICO, dev fees, funding rewards or whatever kind of funding, but i could bet that Zcash is in the Top 5 if not Top 3 from the amount the founders reward has and will generate until it expires compared to the amount of funds other projects have been able to raise/generate/get/got … A new dev fee should even boost it into #1, at least i’am not aware of another project that has/had such a generous funding available…

Zcon1 was big news
The Vulnerability
If you’re wondering why theres no hype its because shillteam 6 is slacking
What happens IF there is no new dev fee/tax in place until the Founders Reward expires?!
Do you not understand how the roadmap works? The on ramp required? The work involved?
Im pretty sure youre just wasting everyones time reading your incessant shitposting and you can defend that I wont reply

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shillteam6 is busy fighting FUD. somebody needs to form hypeteam7! (i did get a laugh from this part)

this stuff is exciting to cryptonerds, but splashfactor is missing.


Ok ok…
Hypeteam7 says the new Guarda wallet is probably the hottest thing right now, shielded transactions plus your keys without having to run your own node, 12oz full functionality
Ill repost it all : )
Getcha non-custodial, lightweight, fully shielded transactions heya!
Like, what more do you want?!


Big news is something different in my book, but that’s of course subjective…

This is indeed an improvement which should have happened allready long time ago.

I absolutly fail how this is “BIG NEWS” for Zcash… Actually on my end this is bad news.

Another one that is bad news and i absolutly fail to see how this can be big news.

I personally don’t consider Sapling “New” news allready. It for sure was an improvement, a good upgrade, but today it’s not new anymore.

Right now for me the Komodo AtomicDEX mobile app is the hottest thing around.

  • It’s the first mobile native wallet + Dex Exchance.
  • It creates revenue for Komodo by taking 0.15% of the trades.
  • It’s an in-house product.
  • 3rd generation Atomic swaps.
  • Pretty sure Komodo Zadresses can be used too (wasn’t able yet to test it!)

I personally prefer in-house products for a given project than 3rd party products as in my opinion these add more value to the project, but than again, that’s just my opinion.

However, i like the Komodo approach, mobile wallet + atomic swaps & exchange + funding. That’s a 3 in 1 which in my opinion is real hot news today.

Edit: It seems ZEC is not listed and available on the Komodo mobile DEX, maybe it’s a good idea to collaborate with them and get ZEC listed there as well. I mean a whole bunch of other coins are there allready, won’t hurt to have ZEC there as well!


I agree with you on every point, zcash has only bla bla bla at the moment and there is a 2-3-year lag in technological development from the market. No news, no how you said high-end domestic products (higher and better than others and with new functionality), no income from their activities, no clear goal of development (10 billion users in 2050 seriously? Make 3 million in 2019 first) There is no ecosystem with a unique use of the coin (internal exchange, messenger, data storage, and others), but there are supporters in the form of exchanges and exchanges, as well as support for people from the media, but this does not add any value. But if the team goes the way we start small and (which, in principle, I am watching now) there will be an explosion.
and ATL now


what have I been missing lately?

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same ole shit. nice to see you! hope all is well!

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I know folks won’t like it when I say that I am bearish right now, but I am…not pandabearish, but bearish nevertheless :slight_smile:

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Bullish… heard rumor that boxalex is going on holiday soon to somewhere with no cellphone reception… that’ll spike the price :wink:

(only kidding)


Nice, i got some company finally :-)))))

Hahahhaha, made me laught too, but there are some problems:
1.) I never use a cell phone to write, only from desktop PC
2.) Due a big non-crypto business i’am in front of my PC at least 16 hours a day every day a week.
3.) No holdidays due this project for the next 12 months, even not a free weekend, which makes things actually worse for you hhahahaha
4.) Unfortunatly my bearish ZEC voice doesn’t matter. With or without the 4-5 people reading these posts doesn’t reallly matter.
5.) Sorry mate, bad news for you, no holiday soon but bearish company i got :slight_smile:

(starts a ZF Grants campaign to get boxalex tickets for a six week vacation in Greenland)


That’s a very bad idea if you think about it. Greenland cries for 20 hours in front of the PC, you would get an extra bonus bearish 4 hours/day that way :rofl::joy:


(updates ZF Grant proposal - replaced ‘Greenland’ with ‘anywhere with no internet’)


Unitl that some bearish blackpill news:

  • We nearly have leveled again with Monero price. Will they overtake us again?
  • Nearly the whole last 24 hours in the 0.0077 range, will we go below 0.007 BTC?
  • Wasn’t aware we have grants on the Foundation page that are toward Ycash… Hopefully this grant doesn’t make it. How about some Grants toward Monero?? No offence, but everything Ycash, especially grants, funding, financing, sponsoring, whatever and expect that 1 Ycash thread should be handled on their side and not on the Zcash foundation page. You know chilebob, i really like you, so please don’t take this one personally.
  • The fake volume exchanges are sleeping today, not much fake volume for ZEC today …
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No worries - not taken personally.

I was surprised my yec-project was accepted - even checked first & made it easy for them to say no.

There’s also a certain irony for a yec thing being funded with zec that tickles my weird sense of humor.