The blackpill thread

no thanks! especially if bitfury (NSA) is involved.

feels like it’s going to be a summer slump. going to be interesting next month to see if bakkt does come through. if not, summer will most likely be slumpy, like normal.

thing is, ZEC hit (roughly) $94, and didn’t get violently rejected. we dropped with BTC.

do have a hard time believing bakkt would publicly announce july opening if they weren’t 90-100% sure, tho. don’t think they’d want to embarrass themselves like that.

that’s what i’m thinking anyway. looks like the market’s are picking-up a bit. oh well, have a good one!

as-long-as BTC somewhat stabilizes - still think +$100 is possible by the end of june.

If only someone came up with a way to communicate through some type of block chain encryption that could not be broken or traced then employee’s of ECC could talk amongst themselves without fear of someone looking over their shoulder monitoring there interactions!

:thinking: shielded memos…

EDIT: looks like z board is no longer working, was pretty cool.

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Shielded memo’s!!!, we should start up a thread and talk about adopting this!

Maybe contact marketing :speak_no_evil: and see about getting it out there for people to see :see_no_evil: I think people would really like to hear :hear_no_evil: about something like this

What makes you think they don’t?
Its for everyone

I am guessing you have a hard time recognizing sarcasm ?

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Im having a hard time with this thread in general w\o sarcasm


$83, so about that “kek indicator”… :wink:

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when i get blackpilled; basically means we’re a day or two from a nice rally.

made this the official bummer thread so people can mute it.

$88, y’all still grumpy ? :wink:

Because AL888 has been banned for life and well he was aggravating as H.E. double hockey sticks but well he was like that scab you’ve had for so long that when it goes away you still reach out to scratch it / pick at it.

Since this is the black pill thread. This is not going to happen. and if it does it would require an algo change to make it not really fecking expensive. Something zooko wanted to do before ASIC’s came along.

Also the ASIC’s were a done deal due to them not taking ariel gabizon’s advice on the 2nd of march. (not @ing him so I don’t drag him into this thread) Once they went with Seans advice they were locked into ASIC’s.

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We can use the zcash companies projections and compare to reality.

To quote you from a different thread.

Just thought about this - $300,000,000 is 10x the amount the zcash co thought they would need.

They sold the initial FR to investors at $15 - so that number is based off their internal calculations as to what they needed to get this all going.

2.1m @ $15 = 31,500,000 v actual cost =~ 300,000,000

That is their valuation of the cost of implementing the first 4 years of zec. - so maybe zooko is right and they should have no part of the financial conversation. It doesn’t seem to be their strength.

EDIT: these numbers are deliberately partially correct yet very mischaracterised for my amusement and to have a little fun with boxalex.

The company has not spent this much money. It’s a mischaracterization.

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I know mate, this is the black pill thread. it isn’t meant to be taken seriously which is why I didn’t reply in the original thread from where I took the quote.

In case anyone else missed it, I was deliberately taking numbers out of context to make a doom and gloom forecast. - for my own amusement.

EDIT2: Removed edit 1 because of clarification and I would like to have a conversation about that point, but that is better suited to my initial post in the “open letter to whatshisname” <- fixing this will probably be edit three.

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Thanks for the response. I haven’t had time to read everything. I get the intent and not trying to take it seriously, but I’m not a fan of misinformation, and especially at a time when the community is wrestling with the best path forward.


Ah, I get you. Like alerts or whatever when someone posts and you just saw the summary and thought, this bloke is straight up talking shit and spreading misinfo. (which I was, something I haven’t purposely done on here before.)

maybe @kek could change the title to be The black pill thread [may contain mischaracterised info and negative opinions on positive news] - idk im too verbose for titles. This is like a containment thread, like the Too the Moon is a containment thread for overly optimistic positive news. this is just its emo little brother.

Personally though I will clearly mark my posts in future, Id like to be know as reliable and honest. :slight_smile: - and no need to reply to anything I raise in this thread, I have made the point in another thread, which is for serious debate.

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