The crypto Con 2018 - Not just a bitcoin conference

Hello Everyone

We are launching an event based on cryptocurrency for Asia region. The Goal of this event is to spread awareness about the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Where ever we talk, it’s always about bitcoin so the idea is to talk about the other 100 B market of altcoins. I, being an investor in Zcash, would like to make Zcash prominent in this series of conferences and need your help.

The lead up to this event will be sessions for traders and miners in multiple cities.

The initial event is planned for March in Mumbai, India. The event would be a platform for networking with the stakeholders of crypto market, policy makers and Investors in the region along with discussing the best practices and the future of crypto world. I would appreciate your feedback on the same.

Also I would like to request you to please help me find the right speakers and trainers for this event, the lead up sessions, and the mining workshops from our Zcash community or Zcash Team and others if possible.

Anyone who is interested, please pm me so we can discuss.

Looking forward for your feedback.

Thank you

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@paige or @nathan-at-least may be able to point you in the right direction. I’m not sure if Zcash Company is planning on attending this event.


It would be great if someone would… would love to see Zcash Team be a part of it !!!

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Feel free to email me ( & Zirui (our Asia/Pacific community manager - about potential ZcashCo attendance. Thanks!

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We will be in touch very soon… thank you …

Hey @paige … We have got some good represention from other currencies… I would personally love to have you guys speak on this event… please let me know how can I help to expedite the on boarding process … ? Looking forward :slight_smile: