The Future of Atomic Swaps

@LeCryptoMath @PabloK Atomic swaps seem to be the low hanging fruit that should probably be picked first. A few random thoughts I have about atomic swaps section from the talk:


Open recipient atomic swaps

I think of them as options (in the same way we think of financial options). Someone may receive an option (free or paid) and can optionally execute the atomic swap within a given timeframe.


Fail case open recipient atomic swaps

Open recipient atomic swaps that allow the receiver to execute a fail case in the event the atomic swap fails (e.g. insured loans, secured loans, etc). This would enable 3rd parties (or DAOs) to insure “options”.

Conditional “options”

Imagine a 1year car loan with monthly repayments. Ownership of the car doesn’t transfer until all 12 repayments are made (i.e. executed options). This could be done a few different ways:

  • sequentially where each loan repayment is conditional on the last payment being made
  • multiple dependencies where the car transfer just depends on all car repayments being made
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