The future of Zcash in the year 2020

I guess I made my point badly again. I understand the intent of your post.

The thing was we could talk about it until we were blue in the face. It was made clear that it would make no difference. I agree with this. you cant mess with someone’s income.

Every post that mentioned it was moved to a contamination thread that just died, because it was an echo chamber of people hating the FR.

Compared to now, where anything goes as long as it doesn’t impact the initial FR.

The community did not have the power to redistribute the FR but the have the power to redistribute the mining reward? see why I am upset? (Even though I don’t mine - I was upset people wanted to take money from ECC employees or FR recipients)

It would help me if you could claify what you meant by this

I think I have found the confusion
Does this mean
1 - That I start a thread titled Why we don’t increase 21mil cap and we all talk about that in there, so that is not brought up in every thread about that?

  • Does it mean that point out issues relevant to that ZIP - for example why its a problem to increase the 21mil cap - within the thread for that ZIP?

I certainly thought it was the first, and I think @str4d did too. - This method seems the best method for containment, which should lead to better discussion if the thread is curated.

If its the second, then, idk, it might work. Please may I have some help with my first zip.

Would you please be clear on how to proceed, because I might have to proposals that are antithetical to each other.

I was quoted in that long post of proposals about a suggestion I made on fees, am I now expected to champion it? in under a month? Im not even sure I want to suggest it if the funds would be redirected to the ECC. I have just added a zip to do the very opposite.