The future of Zcash in the year 2020

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Seems my quick calculation i made less than 3 months ago wasn’t off much with an estiminated $234M.

Full article here with a lot more numbers including foundation, ECC alone, investors etc.
On Aug 7, 2019


So this article is saying that since 2016 they blew almost a quarter billion dollars, and now asking for more…The more time i spend on this forum the more irritated i get at the idea of how poorly ZEC is performing on the public market. The more ZEC related tweets i stumble upon on the more i ask myself why aren’t the team doing anything to address those issues and at the very least respond to those twitter comments. It’s so easy for @zooko to just block people but imo it only makes the problem worse. We are talking about crypto community members with huge followings. And throwing Josh Silwart at those fud tweets is definitely appreciated for the effort, but it needs serious action to restore positive sentiment which could reflect on the price performance of ZEC.

How can ECC justify requesting a dev fund higher than current FR at a time where less ZEC will be mined, when absolutely Nothing has been done to focus on positive sentiment which could in turn reflect on higher price levels. This renewed dev fund will not age well if things do not improve. The crypto twitter community will destroy the price of ZEC creating a snowball effect down to miners and developers…


thing that really jumps out to me is how much zcash ECC’s investors received, 344,400 ZEC! they really made out like bandits, and makes me question ECC’s negotiation skills. if just a couple of these investors worked together (they do imo); could dominate ZEC markets for a couple years. if anybody here wants to know who the invisible hand is capping our markets - look no further. that’s an insane amount of zcash in few hands.


One of the problems is that many people only take the pure ECC/Foundation amount into their calculations and than there are people like me (i guess you too) that think that the whole distribution of the founders reward is wrong.

If we take that chart we see that the ECC itself “only” got about $40M, while investors got ~$50M and founders/vested employees even over $120M. My argument here is that it’s Zcash’s disitrubtion they have choosen, their design, their will, their thoughts and their way. Leaving the foundation and ECC itself with the least positions in amount of US value just shows me that something is quiet wrong with the distribution choosen. And just in June there was a small re-allocation of funds to keep the ECC over water.

Not even talking that a big part of the community calls such posts, calculations, etc. FUD & bearish instead of just thinking if there is room for improvement.

I agree with every word here. I made my own observation and came to the conclusion that the ECC dev fund advertising campaign backfired badly, no matter i warned some weeks ago about such outcome. At least that is my conclusion after the recent extreme downfall in price. I could be wrong but i’am not aware of any other reason why we fall that extremely these days.

However, i think we can be lucky to have a foundation that at least for now can balance things a bit. In my opinion the trust level would be even way less without the foundation in place. To be honest, my only hope is that the ECC and the people closely affilated get surely but slowly a feeling on how the community is reacting and how sensible/sensitive this thematic is and that without full transparancy and accountability things mostly will end pretty bad soon or late.

I personally always admitted Zcash’s technical skills but the same way i nearly question all other skills …

I believe some companies need endless funds (example NASA). But ECC for sure is not one of them.

If zcash will have a future it’s all in the hands of the ZFND.

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have a feeling ECC is going to fork zcash with a new devfund no matter what.

thinking a lot of this “what does the community think” stuff is a bit of theatre.

imo, all ECC/ZF/community’s doing is prolonging uncertainty. hope ECC responds to ZF’s request to convert to a nonprofit very soon. today would be good.

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ECC/ZF continues to delay the devfund decision; uncertainty will remain; harming exchange rates. vast majority of ZEC investors have already taken-it on the chin. prolonging this will only harm zcash investors further. this will leave an even worse taste in their mouths than they already have. this needs to be ironed out much faster.


They are not interested in the course; investors are not the area they care about. The statement seems to be official.The trademark is at the disposal of ECC, therefore a completely independent fund will work with this company and will continue to work or not at all, therefore it is independent.

It won’t, with another promise broken, the trademark one, there is in my opinon literally no hope for Zcash. I doubt there is a crypto project around that could take several broken promises and go ahead as nothing hapened. Especially in a todays very suspicious enviroment with about 3000 alternatives.

In theory you are for sure right but in reality this would be a disaster for all sides.

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And who will say how it really was, simply the extension of the award because the community supported, look at Zooko twitter, everyone supports this solution (the rest are blocked), the fund will choose a company for work and it will be ECC, because world-class minds, movement will go on the development of the coin, nothing serious of course will happen the first 3 years, and then there will be a new company to continue financing. The cost of the old Zec will be around $ 15, so a new project will be launched. joke.

But up to this point I didn’t seem to be mistaken, this whole performance confirms my words, democracy for show.
It’s still interesting why the cost of zec doesn’t bother them, it’s kind of close to the line where the fund does not have enough money to pay, at $ 40 per coin it will be interesting to watch the actions, I think the costs will be reduced, everything except the company to continue financing will be stopped.

Hi all. There is a lot of speculation occurring in this thread that isn’t healthy as its based on personal conjecture and not on truth. Ultimately it is the Zcash Community that will determine the path forward after the FR Expiration Date. We’re working on a response to the foundation and I believe we have a healthy and promising path forward for gauging the will of the Zcash Community.


All the actions that we are observing now are true, regardless of what the fund and the company consider to be true, there is nothing wrong with this from the point of view of the community, and judging by the current problems, there are fears that the fate of all after 2020 will no longer be interesting to anyone, again according to the chosen path. I don’t think what is happening now turned out on its own, it’s also a promising path that the company has chosen and not the community, as far as I understand it. If we get something that I don’t like, why should something change?
If you are talking about people’s discontent, then tell us what you can rejoice about, there is not a single positive news from the point of view of investments that you don’t care about, I know this, and besides investors there are also curious and official representatives, technical experts don’t go into such topics.

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There are statements in this thread such as: " ‘what does the community think’ stuff is a bit of theatre." In my opinion, I think there may be better ways of expressing what sounds like a feeling of disempowerment.

For our part, we are honestly and tirelessly working to provide enough information so that the Zcash Community is empowered to make a decision in its own best interest. I hope you and the other people in this forum are also seeking and suggesting and ruminating on and engaging on the right path forward in the best interest of the project as well as today’s and future Zcash users. We’ll put out a response soon and I ask that we then engage on the content of that response rather than speculating on what we might be thinking.


Of course, if there is an answer, everyone will use it in reasoning, the problem is that it is not there, and there is also no strategy, except for the one that is now and which leads to the fact that trading volumes decreased to 5 million per day (real), zcash moved 27th place, the community got a split in the form of a fork, the rest can’t agree and make a proposal because the needs for further work are not clear (sorry, but the proposal that now makes up this is complete nonsense, you can’t write 0.1% in the proposal and sit waiting for a good result ), other projects take away the remainder of the investment, as well as the rest of the company’s and fund’s statements about the lack of interest in investors, even if so then propose a plan how the price will be supported, under what conditions the fund will receive the necessary amount for development (minimum price support should to be, otherwise what is the point of starting at all if one hopes for a case)
I do not pretend to be true statements, but nothing positive can be written about the future, even if zec is on all the world’s exchanges, even if they are spoken about in the media, all the same, in the absence of interest, there will be no success in adoption, the project should be interesting with its products and properties, which simply is not in the present, while there is debate about the future, the community is not able to determine the future, because there is no solid present. We are waiting for a counter argument from you where zcash develops, and why, with the current development, it loses more and more in price and position in relation to other coins (yes, this is also the price, but there is no other way to measure interest).
You can draw an analogy with the messengers, why some went to the top and are used and others are not, while who succeeded did not have a lot of investment.


It’s pretty ironic how the projects that begin with no money, no ICO, no funding are the ones that are the most worked on and most supported by communities and get the most interest, while a project like ZCash has the audacity to request a new dev fund literally at the worst of times where the price of the coin is currently a disaster. Truly nothing short of a nightmare for the project, for current funding, for future funding, but most importantly for investors, miners, and community supporters…not to mention this dev fund consists of more USD than current FR, therefore more ZEC, at a time where less ZEC will be mined so long as the price keeps falling into darkness.
So i ask you Josh and @zooko, why don’t you guys at ECC care about the price of ZEC? That is all i read about. That ECC does not care for the price of ZEC. Instead of wasting your time blocking people on Twitter all day, why don’t you guys listen to the FUD, the comments, the complaints, and address them accordingly as to have the community rally behind the project and support the future of Zcash? Explain to me why? At this point , the price of ZEC is so horrible i will officially vote for a non-renewal and take my chances, rather than another 4 years of the exact same thing. No thanks, not until clear answers are provided and the interests of investors and coin holders are addressed.


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