The future of Zcash in the year 2020


@garethtdavies, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. I consider you to be a leader in the Zcash community, and you have helped so many people here in this forum by lending your expertise to answer questions (including my own questions on several occasions). But would respectfully (and vehemently) oppose any proposal to extend the Founders Reward. (And I would welcome debating this in the context of a ZIP.)

If a significant portion of the community rallies around a proposal to extend the Founders Reward and ZcashCo follows, I think the best way to combat this (for those that oppose any extension of the Founders Reward) is to “Friendly Fork” chain split as soon as possible, call the new coin something that doesn’t infringe on the Zcash trademark (let’s just call it FriendlyForkCoin, or FFC, for now), and siphon off ALL of the remaining unvested original Founders Reward on the new chain to a nonprofit FFC Foundation devoted exclusively to funding the open source development of FFC.


In my opinion, bevor whatever further should be discussed the community should know how much funding so far has been used for whatever. Means a full disclose and balance on exactly what funds have been used for exactly what.

This should be the first step bevor the community gets involved in whatever discussion in my opinion. I think it’s essential for making an opinion on whether to extend the founders reward or not.


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Not commenting on the proposal, but tagging @acityinohio because he can talk about the ZIP process changes that are being discussed.


Having seen the response from @amiller on this thread Zcash foundation board of directors assuming a similar style of community governance process to last year it would probably first be sensible to put it up as a proposal. Then the formality of ZIP writing could probably be achieved soon after (assuming it was something that was voted in favour of).

@hloo acknowledged. Rather than give a less than complete reply here I intend to properly write up my thoughts as to why I think this is a good idea and hope to build community consensus around it.


Agreed with @garethtdavies that it makes sense to have a broad proposal and expanded advisory panel process for something like this before it’s written up officially as a ZIP (thanks for tagging @sonya).


There are many coins gaining their strength again now. What about Zcash? Why has not it risen these days?


I don’t really follow Zcash vs other coins price valuations. That’s a better question for Price Speculation: Price Speculation