The Last Swing of The Stick

The following was hearted by multiple people, but flagged by one individual. We have a free speech problemm growing in this forum. A few bullies are trying to box out some folks like myself using the flagging feature.

After triple-checking the calendar, I can assure everyone else getting ready to comment below - No, it is not April 1st yet

Tripling down on the compensation to the three organizations who failed to drive Zcash quality, adoption, or value in the past 4 years makes absolutely no sense.

Two out of those three organizations failed to even partially support the Zcash native coin value, instead opting to use block reward funds to build out competing altcoin positions/ angel investments.

If we really are being forced to triple the block rewards going to the big three, could you at least add a clause that explicitly disallows them from taking in their block reward ZEC, then turning around to sell them in service of their alter-egos as shadow crypto hedge funds?

Comedy: So you mean everyone that isn’t paid out of the block rewards.

I haven’t followed the calls, so I’m sorry to be getting publicly shocked to hear that zcashd is being engineered into right now - despite having such a long, existing runway for deprecation.

This sounds like we’re outside varnishing the decks of the Titanic, while the ship is halfway under water.

Leave it to the block rewards teams to over-identify for themselves, creative new challenges to spend resources on; rather than applying a hard deadline for total zcashd deprecation prior to NU6.

Engineering another 9 months (zcashd deprecation is truly more than 16+ months old now?) into a product with a long, known deprecation end state is somewhat unbelievable!

Zcashd is beginning to feel like the Transparent ZEC pool 2.0… at the grassroots user level nobody really wants it, but at the block rewards level, we can’t live without it either.