The latest daft idea from banks in Chile

There are times when you realise we’re all doomed to drown in a sea of stupid.

I’m sure everyone here realises how important financial privacy is, its why we’re all here, right?

Meanwhile - a Chilean bank decided its a great idea to send an EMAIL every time you use their card, complete with all the details of your purchase. Secure as a billboard. Muppets!

I really like my adopted country, but there are times when they really screw things up.


Here in Bulgaria with my Bank i get each time an SMS message and i actually like it. It’s absolute real time attached to my bank account and i get notified within 1 second whatever happens there.

It might be a slight trade off, privacy versus security, but having in mind how much credit card fraud there is me personally is ok with this trade-off. But that should be up to everybody of course.

Maybe there is an option to opt-out at your bank? Worth a try.

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I’ll stick with ‘plan A’ - change bank & tell them why I’m doing it.

It wouldn’t be so bad if all they sent was a ‘you just paid for something’ message, but to include the amount, the name of the shop/atm, time etc is epicly stupid.

There are already scammers targeting people by pretending to call from the bank & using info from hacked email accounts to ‘prove their identity’.

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I read the title and thought it was going to be another of your daft ideas - which are not that daft and pretty novel.

but no, I get treated to some proper human stupidity. Im not sure if I feel clickbaited or sorry for you, heh.

Change banks asap - or give them their own support email address as your email address, that should get them to respond with a ticket saying we got your email to themselves over and over with any luck. do it! please!

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Heh…dont worry…I have plenty more daft ideas :slightly_smiling_face:


One of my rules: Never underestimate the depths of human stupidity even when you’re accounting for it to be really deep!


Pretty similar to one of mine
“you can never make something idiot proof, nature will just breed a better idiot”


So here’s what happened, I visited the bank & asked them very nicely to stop giving my financial records to Google.

They looked horrified & said ‘they would never do that’, so I showed them once of their notification emails & pointed out that lots of their customers use Gmail (which is read/scanned by Google) !

Apparently they’re going to get back to me… tune in next week for another thrilling episode… :slight_smile:

(Edit: No, I don’t use gmail, just wanted to give them a very awkward question)

4 Likes (though they require a credit card now to sign up)…I have an account from a long time ago, like 10 years ago before they changed things. Back then they were free.

You know, it would be really, REALLY kewl if there was a privacy-focused email service out there that offered encryption AND took only ZCash for payment. If I had the skills to do it, I would, but I am not that smart.

Perhaps it would be good for Dear Bob to change to Protonmail or something like that?

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So this is a chilebobs great banking adventure now, nice one. very interested. good work. please keep detailed updates. this could be amazing, heh.

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I believe Proton Mail has encryption between your browser and their servers, but all email traffic going to or from their servers is of course wide open.

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