Ywallet puzzle

Yeah, its a Ycash thing, but Ywallet also works for ZEC so not too far off-topic.

I’ve got a game going to solve puzzles & recover a private key, first one to take the Ycash gets to keep it (sell it for ZEC, whatever) - there’s almost enough to buy a beer.



Cool, I remember when you posted q different puzzle and I ended up on some scooby doo videos looking for the clue, was convienced I had it! I thought my answer was better than yours :sweat_smile:
I’ll give a few days, and then I’ll start talking about the clues, couple wtf leads on the first. Second is very generalized, almost like a crossword riddle. And then it all seems to be wrapped behind some brute force, jeez

Ha! Yeah, it’s all a bit of fun - plus let’s folks play with Ywallet & maybe learn a bit about encryption.

This one is a bit harder, with luck it’ll still be going at the end of the year.

Someone else has been sending it coins, didn’t expect that to happen - other than the ‘scum-sucking-zecpages-spammer’ which is kinda inevitable.

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The first clue is a little strange, the girlfriend of the husband of the wife who also discovered lunar ice with Kovack.
Kovack is capitalized, which might imply a name, as do the other clues of people, and this sort of points to a person involved in a securities scandal from a few years back, whos name also contains ‘Moon’. The term ‘ice’ may be a metaphor.
However, the word Kovacks also applies to a company that produces machines specifically for boring into ice so maybe its not a metaphor :man_shrugging:

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Its not supposed to be easy :rofl:

When there are a few more players I’ll post another clue.

Using the number of YouTube subscribers to track that - when it gets to 100 I’ll do it, currently 41.

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The clues have been out in the wallet & on YouTube for a while, posting them here :-

  • She was the girlfriend of the husband of the woman who also discovered lunar ice with Kovac.

  • A date that changes, depending on who was asked.

  • A location that’s really elsewhere, named by a Chilean First Lieutenant.

Here are the AES encrypted pieces of the Private Key :-


Here is the Viewing Key, scan it with Ywallet to see if the Ycash is still there :-



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Think I got a good lead on clue 3 (^-^*)

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Guess you brute forced that one, there are only so many dates & date formats to work through :slight_smile:

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I havent broken anything yet!

I should probably release another clue soon.


  • The only person involved in creating this puzzle was me
  • Posts from anyone else claiming to have clues etc are spam
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For those that need it, here’s a link to an online AES encrypt/decrypt tool :-


O k, my lead on clue 3.

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