The Market Is Hard fo ZEC

Painful. Some coins made some gains and then retreated to a higher coin price.

As you can see with ZEC, the price continues to evaporate downward.

I am rooting for @joshs to change the direction Zcash. Without big strategic changes, this project’s price and ability to continue paid development will suffer.


at least post the rest of the same market…

Privacy doing bad because: :shield:

Wow, Zcash is ~1/10th the market cap of Monero!! That’s our easy 10x right there ahaha!

Apologies… I’m probably too optimistic for this thread. :sweat_smile:


Has to be someone shorting ahead of binance. I think there is something like 2.3m coins at binance. ZEC just has no depth, so they can keep shorting and shorting…Plus we have the built in selling from miners and the orgs to top it off with really no organic/natural buyers other than ZEC holders…But at some point, I dont know when, they will have to cover. This is one of the big problems with a coin with no economic fundamentals. There is no objective level one can say its a buy.


Love the optimism and I think you’d agree that talent/developers require payment for their work. The others may be down too (not Zano!) but my concern is Zcash. Zcash. Zcash. Too much selling due to PoW and our dev organizations selling to convert fiat.

Go get’em @joshs!


So… How can you bridge into zcash? how can you bridge out?
The only way to buy is usually with KYC exchanges. this defeats the purpose - so people wont be coming in (how would they? )

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There are no bridges to Zcash. The only DEX where you can buy ZEC is an atomic swap DEX called Komodo.

At this point in time, strategic changes are not enough to do the trick. Zcash needs market changes.

The ZEC native coin has been an absolute freefall because we’ve reached the point where practically nobody wants to hold it, let alone buy it. The PoW ASIC miners are open about the fact that they dump their ZEC rewards with no regards to relative value. And we’ve recently heard from both the ECC and ZF, that they’ve got no plans to pause their constant dumping of their ZEC block rewards either.

I had a dream!