Zcash, lowest price ever......USD 32

Where is the Zcash price going to…?

It got to about USD 31.8 at Poloneix yesterday - and I think it may go lower still - unfortunately.

There are a heck of a lot of sell orders on exchanges for less than USD 1 with miners dumping their earnings. I don’t think this is helping the price. If miners were to hold onto their ZEC for a while, I’m sure the price would improve…

No one is holding on to ZECs. That’s insane. Very few people actually own bitcoins for that matter.

Cryptocurrencies are only alive because a number of people believe in them. And since there’s no institution which backs them, their price is a total fiction which is prone to wild fluctuations (which we observe with bitcoin every month). It’s rising only because more people use it to exchange currencies. Yet very few people buy it to store their fiat money/earnings.

Speaking frankly I see no bottom for ZECs yet. However something tells me it cannot drop below $16 mark because the cost of mining is higher than this, so whenever it falls below this point, people will stop mining/selling it altogether.

The sky is falling! Too bad there’s no way to adjust the mining difficulty… Oh, wait…


For me GPU mining is always right… this coin is 3 months young and need more time. We know that so many coin out there and and Zec need to stand . I need to see till this end of years. this zec will be rising soon…

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GPU_Mining ------------> conflicting interests, CLOUD MINING.

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How many GPUs have your bought to mine ZECs? 20? I understand your concern. I’ve bought none. :sweat_smile:

Bitcoin is what, 8 years old? Still an absolutely bumpy ride and zero faith from investors? Dream on!

Ethereum is a total flop. The only cryptocurrency which has a chance to compete with bitcoin is Monero.

And you say it like you have. Don’t BS me: there cannot be any research on something which is a first in the history of humankind. The only way to assess the validity of your words it to fast forward 10 years from now which is physically impossible unless you’re hiding a time machine in your basement.

What you say makes somewhat sense apart from the most essential:

Non of the issues solve themselfs!

The Zcash team should have provided a functioning Z adress wallet from start that is easy to install.

Until the basics are in place, more exchanges will not adopt zcash, other wallets will not continue their work on implementing zcash and most important of all: people most DEFINITILY not start using zcash for payments WHEN THERE ISNT EVEN A WALLET THEY CAN USE TO DO SO!?

Now there are some guys who made a windows wallet, thats a great thing. But they worked hard non profit and the final product got very much left to be something that an average internet user would consider using.

Litterally what you and the zcash team are hoping for is that some nice guy will do all the work for free, while they collect 20% of the ZEC’s mined. I started mining ZEC myself because I believe in the concept, but to me, today, this all looks more like a gamble than it did 4 months ago.


I think its mostly due to BTC prices and troubles in china with some exchanges. Miners get scared and start to sell their coins to try and not loose money.

ZEC has a long way to go and until its off to the races its hardly tied to BTC and its bullishness. And yes the ZEC prices go down, but with miners switches to PASC and difficulty reducing you get more ZEC’s on a day averaging out on your daily returns (based on my own big farm).

So there is no crisis, except people hyping a problem thats not there making the price drop and them buying ZEC’s cheap. I think most of the poeple have consensus that ZEC will take off (probebly Q3/Q4) and heading to the 70-80$ region, perhaps even 100$ if the Z-address payments are adopted (incl. into ETH).

So as a miner you shouldn’t be scared and sell all your coins. Just sell the coins you need for rent & power and keep te rest for now, its gonna be worth it in the long haul.


been successfully trading crypto since 2011. that being said - very happy ZEC’s holding above $30 during this current onslaught. imo, we’re at the bottom… anything below 30 is blood. end-of-year, ZEC will have a billion plus market cap. hold tight, and don’t lose your vision, because traders like myself are buying weakness.


even the price keep declined, i am still believing in zcash…as we know, @zooko with his team working hard on it… so end Q3 and Q4 zcash will be up again.:slight_smile: . i am totally agree with @GPU_Mining and @kek


Have you seen the new zcash4win wallet beta that is now out. Working great…

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have u try bro? later on this wallet can be implement to buy something from ebay or amazon…hope so

ZECs are sold and bought in BTCs. Almost no one buys them for fiat money. Wake up, ZEC directly depends on BTC.

Lol, last week ZEC has already been below $30 and I don’t see it stopping its free fall any time soon. Right now it’s exactly $30.

Mark my words, we haven’t reached the bottom yet. It’s around $16 for a ZEC.

Your faith alone is hardly enough. We need hundreds of thousands of people believing in ZEC before it becomes a remote alternative to BTC. And that happening in the nearest future is really hard to believe in.


“its hardly tied to BTC and its bullishness”

bad english translation of hardly, but i think ‘hard’ would be better. not last met hardly as in fixed/linked

Well there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies with low demand out there, they all got high reward potential but very little chance of success.

For me all zcash development for us “consumers” looks very dead. All I see is some entusiasts building a windows wallet non profit. I’m sure the founders are busy learning a lot new stuff about the chain itself while cashing in 20% of the mined ZEC, thats good for them and maybe they can develop a new coin with ethereum in future or develop a better chain for some bank later on. But I dont see how that is going to help anyone who’s buying ZEC today, in a year or maybe ever…

To make ZEC great you simply need to make MORE people starting to use it! And how is that going to happen when the infrastructure is non existant and noone is working to improve that?? I mean, if those windows wallet guys gave up, would Zcash be at a complete standstill?

It seems Zcash has had its hype, it could have been great but instead noone was able to use it.

I sure would be able to change my mind if Zcash founders had something nice to say about it all. What are their plans and ideas? Or are we just gonna wait another half a year, keep on mining or buying and see if anything happens by itself?


Would like the zcash team member to reply as well, to get their opinion on this. Maybe they have a clever plan?

Does the Zcash team include any professional market manipulators? They just created the tools - it’s up to us and the rest of the market to pick them up and use them.

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i stand by what i said, and that’s how life is.
need to understand there’s a shit-ton of people that bought in the $40-60 range. they’ll be averaging down sooner-rather-that-later! cheers!