The problem with the wallet

When you close zCash4win with cross, re-open wallet is no longer possible. You have to remove all the blocks and do a full sync again. How to fix it so you can close the wallet with a cross without consequences?

Strange, I always close my wallet with X and never have had any problems. DO you wait for the wallet to fully synchronize before you close it?

Да, синхронизировано было на 100%. Я подозреваю, что это может быть связано с устаревшей версией кошелька. Я установил свежую версию, но пока не пробовал закрыть таким способом. Потом проверю. Спасибо

Yes, sync was 100%. I suspect it might be related to the stars is very cool. I installed the latest version, but have not tried to close this way. Then to prove it. Thank you

Did you move the block chain storage from the Roaming folder? It will always look there for the block chain data.

I always went into, to get to my wallet. But now that web does not exist anymore. How do I get access to my wallet now? This is a big problem for my. Please help?

It was probably a fake/scam wallet, if you can’t get access to it, and the website does not exist, then what ever you had in there is gone/lost.

Thank you Citric Acid What Zcash wallet is save to use please? This was a very well referred wallet I tried. But what one can I trust now? The sign up here is the same that was on my wallet??? Z Zchain wallet???, this web is all on the internet and recommended for Zchain use??

this is in no set order

hardware wallets

Jaxx (i don’t like them but they are legit)
Any Exchange but any more than 1 transaction a day and they could lock your account (its never a good idea to mine directly to an exchange)

zcash for linux