Things you wish to happen for Zcash in 2021+

If Zcash goes to the moon, the MGRC should afford to make moonshot plays.

Consider my proposal for an pre-defined MGRC Wishlist that could contain items like those presented above. The MGRC Wishlist is unlocked when ZEC/USD jumps past a trigger point, say, $21,000:

It could attract developers to compete for lucrative, exciting grants as the zcash price is soaring.

How about smart contracts on Zcash? Can anyone make a case for why not?

Recent episode of what Bitcoin did highlights issues ethereum is facing versus Bitcoin due to added complexity. I need to listen, again. 1.5x was too fast is launching shielded stable-coin transactions (not sure how much of Justin’s work is snake oil or fake)

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I would like to see the following functionality: 1) A secure storage system with the ability to confirm the transfer (for example, there may be a wallet that is tied to the transfer confirmation system) 2) Ability to block coins for transfer with unlocking functionality similar to paragraph 1 3) Alias ​​addresses (for ease of use when translating when you do not need to do 100% anonymity (it’s just convenient to translate) 4) The system of access to the site through a wallet (analogue of Google) - I understand that it is very difficult, but it can start small and then we’ll see.

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Ledger app release for shielded addresses this year would be a dream come true.

I am mining directly to my Ledger wallet, so as soon as I can switch to shielded I will do it.


More Dapps using ZEC in defi.
(more use cases for RenZEC) ~ not even a $400 daily volume
Integration with web3, Cosmos SDK | Tendermint

2 Likes I’m not sure if mining directly to your ledger wallet is a good idea as per this article. But now I’m curious…have you ran into any issues mining directly to your wallet?

ah shit, thanks for pointing this out…remember reading this somewhere and forgot about it… It is stuck in there looks like. Im not worried, not planning on spending any of these coins anyway so will just wait until I do that. I tried to send my mining rewards for the past month just now, and it didnt even load on the device. My accounts sync just fine, but wont allow me to send.

So I guess I have two options:

  1. wait for a new ledger device to come out some time in the future that can handle this, restore from seed there

  2. use some desktop wallet (not sure what to use)

I am bringing in roughly 12.5 ZEC / month right now with each Z15 but its broken up into all small payments every hour or so

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100% turnout

Can’t you set a higher payment threshold? I get paid about once per week.

Yeah, looking back on it I should have done that. Too late now, will just leave it as is.

Do you know of a desktop wallet I can use to restore my seed? Will take note for the future…

I’m not aware of any 24 word wallets. Most of them use 12. Are you using the Nano X or S? Is the X better with this problem? I know it has more memory.

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I am using the Nano X. Going to try once more when I get home, maybe I just need to leave it sitting a bit longer. It was able to calculate the fee just before sending but that took about 3 min wait before I could hit confirm and go to the next step. Then when I got to the point where I needed to confirm it on my ledger device itself it didnt even go through (waited about 5 min, maybe need to wait longer at this step).

Update: tried everything again, waited even longer and still does not work. — hope Ledger takes notes on this one for their next hardware product.